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2 oF mY pOeMs

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my newest poems
Sir Spot
Once A CAT Named Sir Spot
Was on his way to Camelot
He was to slay an evil creature
A green dragon who ate the preacher
As Sir Spot was by the green dragon’s cave
Along came the green dragon’s slave
He was a scrawny little guy
Seriously no bigger than Sir Spot’s thigh
The slave screamed, “Run while you can!”
“This dragon just ate a man!”
Sir Spot wanted to run now
But he didn’t and with a POW
He smacked the poor little guy
Who was no bigger than Sir Spot’s thigh
And said, “I am Sir Spot and I’ve come to slay
And I won’t run now be on your way!”
Spot charged with his sword in hand
Towards the green dragon and
Cut off his head just like that
Sir Spot didn’t even have to hold his hat
“hip hip hooray!”, shouted the town
Then they gave Sir Spot the crown
They named Sir Spot their king
And that is the end of this Ballad thing

My snuffaluffagous
His name is GusGus
He is so humungous
He is bigger than all of us
My snuffaluffagous
He does not like to cuss
And he hates riding the bus
So don’t make a fuss
Because he‘s my snuffaluffagous.

The Crocodile
In the Nile
There is a crocodile
He was on his way to
A place called Timbuktu
Somebody told him that
There is a witch with a giant hat
That is causing terrible fear
She turned a frog into a deer
The crocodile found her lair
The witch with a giant hat had nasty black hair
A wart on her nose
And holes all in her panty hose
Then the witch did something
She turned around and gave a fearless swing
The crocodile saw it coming and
Dodged it perfectly and grabbed her by the hand
Then he threw her in her boiling cauldron
“From now on you’ll be locked in a tower guarded by a dragon!”
He yelled and POOF she was gone
The crocodile ran out to the lawn
To see a giant tower out there
And the witch with a giant hat and nasty black hair
Was never heard of ever again
Thanks to the crocodile that is braver than men.

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