College up and runnin'

Only two days of classes, then a day of lesson/audition stuff. Fun...

Eddie's here!!!! AND ALL WEEKEND!!!!

Sean still won't leave me alone, BUT he wants to pay me back for the last... year or two? Somewhere in there. Anyways, so far, he paid for my TV stand and two new shelvings for my room - movies, reading books, school binders, etc... all that stuff I just can't give away.

Lots of my friends like the fact that I am a Bobcat Bobbie - escort for persons who feel unsafe walking on campus at night. They like to ride with me... funny thing, the Bobbies got an email today about "personal riders." I know our boss sent that b'c of me... oops, my bad. I guess I can't make it a daily thing, but then again, it doesn't hurt to have company every once in a while.

I'm hungry, so I'm a gonna go eat, and I need to practice for ensemble auditions four hours from now.

heart 's, AJ9