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Welcome to Insanity
My life is crazy. How crazy? Well, you're about to find out!
Morons of the World
I find it's getting increasingly difficult to sign into my account these days. Why? Because it's always blocked. Some idiot keeps trying (and failing miserably) to hack into my account, and it's really starting to piss me off. I'd like access to my own account, thank you, and I'd like to have 10 fewer emails in my inbox each day. At three tries per block (I know it says 5, but anytime I forget a password, it's three), they could spend the rest of their lives trying to guess my password and STILL never make it in. So to whichever genius it is, GET LOST.

Where in the nine hells did you ever find the notion that I would fight fair?[/color:9ce2d43124]

Idiocy Abounds
Well, for those of us up here is our area of Winter Wonderland ( rolleyes ), schools and post-secondary institutions were supposed to start back up again today. So I went in for my 8:55 class. Only it's 8:50 and the teacher's the only other one who's shown up. At 9am, I phone my friend, who's supposed to be in the class with me, to find out where she is. She's at home. Class doesn't start until Wednesday. At least my teacher won't mock me...-_-;;

Winter Madness
Okay, so we have exactly 1 week before Christmas Eve, and our tree still isn't up. Nor are our outdoor lights ('though that's mostly my fault). Four of my weekdays this week are already booked, so I'm starting to wonder how this is going to go. And it's our first white christmas in years, too...

Dollar Store Radio?
Oracletigereye and I were in the Dollar Store in the mall Thursday talking to a guy playing christmas carols on the violin (and singing along with him). She mentioned that we'd just finished our Vocal Jury (exam), which we had 'cause we were voice majors. Suddenly, one of the guys in the line-up we were by was like "What?! Voice majors?!" Apparently, he works for a radio station that had been looking for people to go carolling for the station one morning, and they hadn't been having much luck. So now we're going carolling from 7-9am on Monday.

...did we just get scouted in a 'cash only' store? o.o

Statue of Liberty, Here We Come!
So my friend and I decided that we REALLY wanted to see the musical Wicked. Since her birthday is coming up, I decided to buy us both tickets to the show and make hers her birthday present. Of course, the show happens to be in New York, about 3000km away. So we're going to NY for three days. We'll see the show, go to SoHo, visit one of the most famous French ladies in the world, and just have fun being tourists. Us being poor starving students, this will probably be our only chance to do this, so wish us luck!

Hmm...I wonder if my BF died...I haven't seen him in like...a year...

Fun In The...Car?
Shock of all shocks, I'm on the very first road-trip of my life! We're starting in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, then driving accross to Nova Scotia, then coming back. Basically. You want more detail, I'll put it up as I get it.

Day 1 (Sunday July 23): Edmonton AB to Regina SK
~We didn't do much except sleep, but we're planning on hitting the mall on the way back, when our time is a bit more relaxed.

Day 2: Regina SK to Canora (sp?) ON
~We had to skip through Winnipeg, but again, we'll hit it on the way back. We discovered that Ontario needs to be renamed "Lakeland". Canora, on Lake of the Woods, is absolutely beautiful, and I would be quite happy to retire there. They say that if you visit one island in the lake each day for the rest of your life, there will still be a ton left...

Day 3: Canora ON to Wawa ON
~Not too much exciting, it was mostly us worrying about finding a place to sleep at night. Lake Superior is awesome, though! And I got earrings...

Day 4: Wawa ON to Kearney ON
~Well, it took 4 days, but we made it to Mom's parents' house! Sleep....

Days 5-7: Kearney and Huntsville ON
~Hung around the area, basically took time to recover from the cabin fever. Gran&Pa aren't exactly young anymore, but it was nice seeing them when I'm old enough to actually remember. And they have a lake. Swimming!

Day 8 (Sunday July 30): Kearney ON to Thornhill ON
~Off to Uncle Rob's, right outside Toronto. We met our old minister en route and talked with her for a while. It was REALLY nice seeing her again. We got to Uncle Robs, took over their pool, claimed our sleeping spaces, and slept.

Day 9: Thornhill and Toronto ON
~Our first really big tourist day. We took public transit because parking in Toronto sucks. We went to the CN Tower ('bout time!) and Eaton centre (the big mall), and then went "home", stopping at Pizza Hut on the way. We left the house at 8:30 am. We got back at 7:30 pm. Guess what, boys and girls? I'm back on the cane. Too much stress caused by walking, apparently. xp

Day 10: Thornhill ON to Welland ON
~MCMICHAEL COLLECTION!!!!! Yes, we went north instead of south at first. The McMichael Collection is the largest collection of Group of Seven art in the world!!! I've got a couple of prints now.... heart
We got to Welland, did a lot of phoning to co-ordinate things with our sister, other Grandma, and Dad's old best friend. Then we had our first relaxed evening in a hotel. It was a suite, so I got my own room. The living room.
Oh, and did I mention there was a fire in the hotel that night?

Day 11: Welland ON
~Just a day to get reaquainted with family. We had lunch with all the people we'd phoned the day before. It was nice, and Grandma picked up the bill as her birthday present to Lisa, our sister.
We had supper with Lisa, Rick (her husband), and Tanner (their son). Our neices were both off doing their own thing. Tomorrow, then, girls!!!

Day 12: Welland and Niagra ON
~For Lisa-dearest's birthday, we took her to Niagra Falls. We coughed up the cash and actually went under and behind the falls! I've been there before, but I think I was only two or three, so this was kinda re-living my fragmented memories. You take an elevator part way down and part way up, but on the up, the guy took us all the way because of my cane. heart We ended up in the gift shop. They have nice jewelery, but it's expensive.
We had supper again with Lisa&Family, Grandma, and Aunt Alice. The girls decided to show up, too. Yummy ice cream...

Day 13: Welland ON to Quebec QB
~I've been doing some of the driving on this trip, but apparently, I'm not allowed to drive anywhere east of Ontario for one reason or another, so I'm stuck until we head back. stare We stopped at a mini-amusement park, represented by a giant apple, to eat. And look around the gift shop. Otherwise, nothing big, unless you count getting lost looking for out hotel.

Day 14: Quebec QB to Amherst NS
~Breakfast came with our room, so we had it at the hotel. Yummy, but I was more interesting in the paintings for sale on the walls. One really caught my eye. Already framed, and about $150 CAN cheaper than the others its size (only $90 CAN). I figured it would go well above my piano if I move the posters. Guess what mom bought me for my birthday? xd
The Plains of Abraham, awesome architecture, and gorgeous scenery. That is Quebec. If my french improves at all, I might just forget about Canora! Their mountains are fairly small, but bigger than Ontario's which are more like hills. I love Quebec! (We're stopping here on the way back, too!)
We had planned on stopping in Moncton NB, but contrary to being empty 'cause of the long weekend, there was a softball tournament there, and it was quite full! An intelligent NB tourism lady told us about a place just on the olther side of the NB-NS border, so we phoned up a hotel in Amherst and saved a spot. You go, tourism lady!

Day 15 (Sunday August 6): Amherst NS to Musquodoboit Harbour NS
~ Yeah, try saying that name 10 times in a row! Btw, it's pronounced 'Muskedobit'.
We were only a couple of hours from Aunt Donna's on the east coast, so we made it there by lunch! I then realized that I'd never met Uncle Tom before! Freaky, huh? Their three boys are all grown up, so none of them were there. Yet.
We spent some time aquainting ourselves, and then, since it was Aunt D's birthday, Jamie and Steven, the older two boys, showed up for supper. Yummy pound cake...

Day 16: Musquodoboit Harbour NS
~A relaxing day. Laze around, read, talk, and watch TV. Nice.

Day 17: Musquodoboit Harbour NS
~Aunt D, Mom, and Delph went out shopping, but we've had so many time changes on this trip that my body hasn't kept up. I slept. Pretty much all day. Except supper. Nova Scotia has excellent fish and chips...

Day 18: Musquodoboit Harbour,Mic Mac, and Peggy's Cove NS
~Another tourist day for Mom, Delph and I. We stopped at the mall they had been at yesterday, 'cause Mom needed the bank. Delph and I looked around the Bay there, and I picked up a few accessories. heart Then we went to Peggy's Cove. I wanted to see the lighthouse, but Delph wanted to eat, so we found food first. I had a whole lobster for the first time in my life. My reaction when they put that plate down in front of me? Big bug, mommy, big bug... crying
After me growing quite attached to the little guy ( redface ), we finished up and looked around the giftshop (earrings!), and then went out and played on the rocks. LOOOOOTS of rocks. Thankfully, they're handicap-accessible, so I could make it up. (Actually, it's all rock, and there are parts that are quite smooth.) We couldn't go up the lighthouse, but it was neat anyway. Mom bought a few paintings, and then we headed back "home". A nice day full of excercise; exactly what we needed.

Day 19: Msquodoboit Harbour and Martinique NS
~Well, it was kind of a late-start morning, 'cause we didn't exactly take it easy yesterday. I got in my time on Gaia ('cause I need that), and around 1pm, we headed off to Martinique Beach to at least wade in the ocean. After a short debate, we decided that I could leave the cane in the car if I wore the ankle brace, so I didn't have to lug that around. heart
Delph didn't go into the water, 'cause it was cloudy, a cold-ish wind was blowing, and her naural state of being is hypothermic. Mom and I went in, though. After the water got waist-deep, Mom said "You know that at this point, it's going to be warmer under the water, right?" So when the next big (BIG) wave came at us, we dove into it. Upon emerging, we both realized that she had lied. The warm breeze was nice, though! xp
We got out, and after spending a few minutes looking for my glasses, we headed "home". Mom went off to do laundry, and was late getting back for supper. Do we manage to get to sleep at any decent time yet? Nooooooo...

Day 20 (Friday August 11):

Diseased Brain Runs Rampant
At least, that's probably what all of my teachers were thinking yesterday when I went in for the first time in a week. I'm off again today, and will be tomorrow to. I hate illness. It removes all filters between my brain and my mouth and destroys all of my logic centers, so I'm usually not even sure what I'm thinking. Not only that, but the command center for my attention span usually malfunctions and is constantly flickering on and off. I'm not sure what I said in Physics yesterday, but by the time it was out of my mouth, my attention was elsewhere; namely, on the expression on my teacher's face. When my brain downloads viruses, many things go wrong. Oh so very very wrong. I'm just glad there was no one in the single-stall bathroom durin night school...

Heated Debate
It was only this year that, during my spare, I noticed I have this great need to debate. Some of my friends, Fal and Kolter especially, are more than willing to participate in what most people see as an argument, but what we see as a wonderful chance to express our views. During our spare after lunch, Guithname and some other people from school would sit around a table and just start debating. From school to evolution to esp to quantem physics. Anything goes, and we quite often run from one topic into another. But with school out, I find myself 'arguing' with anyone I think will fight back. I can't help it, and I feel sorry for the other people, because I don't think that they enjoy it, but with Guith in Sask. and Delph more likely to kill me than argue, what else is a little sister supposed to do?

Insanity? No, just life.
You know what's funny? When slackers get busy. I like having summer off, and I like not doing anything after school. I like my free time to sleep, eat, read, write, watch tv, or go on the comp. Sometimes I blade, but not often. More now, because I got new ones. But the point is, I like being lazy! So what do I do? I book myself. I have summer school in July, I'm volunteering for Animethon in August, I've got Grade 12 next year, and outside of school, I'm taking singing lessons, piano lessons, hopefully Japanese lessons, babysitting, and if I still have any time left, I'm getting a job! All while attempting to get honors in school. Meaning I actually have to do homework.

Why is it that slackers tend to have the most work to do? What a crazy life...

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