It's strange how many people think of ghosts as spirits of people dead long ago. Sad, but true. If only they knew. Though, I suppose they are at least half-right. They are spirits and they do resemble people. But no. Ghosts are just spirits in and of themselves. So you aren't going to see your Aunt Petunia or George Washington anytime soon.

So why do ghosts look so much like people who've been long dead? They can change their appearance of course. It's a fairly simple trick. The normal ones hide in deserted places because they like the quiet and it's not like they can really touch anything or fall under ruined stuff. You see the normal ghosts don't like it when people are around. It makes them go alittle crazy, seeing as they can feel what we feel in close quarters. And there in lies the reason why kids get scared off of places where ghosts live.

Now if you were paying attention, you might've realized I said normal ghosts. If you didn't well I won't go into that too much, but pay attention. So I bet you're thinking there aren't just normal ghosts, right? Well you would be right. You see there are those ones that actively mess around with mortals and poscess them as well as haunting them and what not, such as moving things around, killing people in their sleep, terrifying half to death for the fun of it. These ghosts are known as Interferers. They are extremely dangerous because they usually are some kind of demon or other kind of monster. Not the kind of creatures you want to meet in a dark alley or spooky neighborhood or some other dramatic cleiche.

Now usually these guys aren't too terribly hard to deal with by themselves. Messing with humans all day isn't something they can really accomplish unless they are extremely powerful. So unless there are a few of them together, there's only so much trouble they can cause with just one or two. They problem is, there have been really weird things happening recently. Interferers, who usually fight among themselves and therefore do not work together have been starting to move in groups. For what purpose? I really have no idea, what do you think I have all the answers? Well nevermind, I do, but that's beside the point.


For many many years, no one has really ever had to deal with more than a few cases of the 'paranormal' sort of thing. That's because ghosts usually have little to no interference. In fact, there aren't many Interferers to cause a lot of mayhem. The problem is, recently they have been multiplying, to the point where even normal people can tell there's something up. Of course, unlike Sighters, they still can't see or hear them unless the ghost wants them to, but they can see the affects of what they are doing, such as moving a chair, holding a really sharp looking knife from a table, etc.

Sighters, as you can probably already tell, are people who can hear, see, and sense a ghost's presense. They can't really do much else, but just being able to makes it so they are in constant danger. You see, Interfererors don't like being seen. So if they know you can see them, you'll probably wind up with your eyes gouged out, that is if you're lucky. So Sighters usually keep to themselves and tell no one of their gifts. But now that there seems to be such an increase in ghosts, they feel that something bad is going to happen if something isn't done about the increase in Interferors, especially since all hell is starting to break loose as mysterious murders are commited, suicides reach a peak, and people are in sudden frenzies of violence and panic.

But being extremely rare, Sighters can't possibly think that they'll be able to do it alone. They'll have to enlist the help of normal ghosts, seeing as they don't want the Interferors around either, though they are much much harder to convince, seeing as they are not proned to action and most want nothing to do with these silly litte human affairs. They'll also have the help of other humans, seeing as they are starting to be able to sense Interferers with all the supernatural activity going on recently.

A Clearer Look


1. Can see, hear, and feel the presense of ghosts
2. Enhanced senses as well as speed and strength
3. Minds cannot be read and cannot be pocessed
4. Exorcism (able to make people unpocessed)


1. Control over one element
2. Can sense(still can't see) ghosts if they are in larger numbers or extremely powerful

Normal Ghosts

1. Go through walls
2. Shapeshifting
3. Invisible to normal humans
4. Mind reading/Impath
5. Not very active and weak when amoung too many humans or emotions
6. Does not have emotions and therefore hard to convince of anything
7. Strong against physical attacks


1. Telekenesis
2. Shapeshifting
3. Pocession(only through other players consent or NPC)
4. Invisible to normal humans
5. Control over one Element
6. Weakest when on its own and against elements
7. Has emotions
8. Strong against physical attacks