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Prince Kazuhiko's 'zOMG 3000'

'zOMG 3000' is about Prince Kazuhiko in the year 3000! While playing the new and inprooved zOMG Prince Kazuhiko meets many new people, gathers tons of rings, and kicks some zOMG butt!
*Rated A for All Ages* XD

Please go to this forum to sign-up to be in the story:
zOMG 3000 Ep. 13
zOMG 3000
Ep 13: Saving theparkman123

“Why...” Prince Kazuhiko started, but was abruptly interrupted by 101KiriUchiha’s foot, sending him sprawling.
“Well,” theparkman123 said, “I wanted a change of pace. And you guys look like you’ve already replaced me. Jerks.”
J0K3Rcard looks around and then noticed that he was the one theparkman123 was talking about. “You’re talking about me, right? Actually, I’m not really replacing you, it’s just that we ended up meeting at the gates, so we teamed up.”
“I don’t think that’s important now.” Chrystal archangel replied and gave a tension-lessening smile. “It seems that you’ve seen one of my crew.”
“Two, to be correct.” Prince Kazuhiko responded, rubbing the back of his head where he was kicked by 101KiriUchiha. He looked towards MarukawaBubbleGum, the other crew member. “What was your name? MakurawaBubbleGun?”
“Don’t push it.” MarukawaBubbleGum threatened.
“We should leave this place.” Chrystal archangel said. “I don’t think it would be easy to talk with OMFG here.”

The group just got outside the gates when theparkman123 started mouthing off.
“I can’t believe you guys!” theparkman123 scorned. “You’re the reason I left the group and you replace me!”
“We were fine without you, you know.” 101KiriUchiha retorted.
“You had better watch it...” theparkman123 threatened.
“Quiet, you two.” Prince Kazuhiko commanded. “What did you want, Chrystal archangel?”
“Just to talk.” The charismatic gamer answered. “I wasn’t using my full strength last time, so you should hold yourself back.”
“I have no urge to fight you again.”
“Good. The thing I wanted to say was that you should watch out.”
“Because I reported you to the zOMG Elite, and now they’re going to investigate and most likely end up with your ring.”
“Why the hell did you do that?!?” Prince Kazuhiko started leaping towards him, but Chrystal archangel held up a hand.
“I thought you just said you had no urge to fight me.”
“It was for good reasons... in my mind.” Chrystal archangel explained. “I wanted to see what would happen, such as you quitting or never playing again.”
“That’s a rude way to play.”
“Too bad,” theparkman123 mocked. “Let’s go, guys.”
Chrystal archangel’s group was walking away when Prince Kazuhiko spoke up.
“What?” theparkman123 turned around.
“Let’s fight. If I win, you join us again. If you win, I won’t bother you anymore.”
“Alright. I want to show you how much I’ve improved.”

Prince Kazuhiko and theparkman123 posed for battle, with J0K3Rcard starting it.
“Ready...” J0K3Rcard prepared to jump out of the way. “Set, GO!”
J0K3Rcard quickly leapt back while the two fighters leapt at each other.
“Hunter’s Bow!” Prince Kazuhiko held a bow in his right hand and pulled back an arrow in the other.
“Fire Rain!” theparkman123 shot flames into the air and let gravity do the rest.
Prince Kazuhiko dodged it and used the flame as camouflage as he shot his arrow. theparkman123 dodged the arrow, but wasn’t prepared for Prince Kazuhiko’s air assault with Wolverine.
“Animation Domination!” theparkman123 summoned a Rock Crab to protect himself.
Prince Kazuhiko winced at the memories he had with a different Rock Crab and wasn’t prepared for a counterattack from Rock Crab. He was hit back, smashing into the gates.
“That was... a dirty move.” Prince Kazuhiko muttered as he tried to get up off the ground.
“I taught him it.” Chrystal archangel spoke up. “It works sorta like my Song of the Fallen.”
“It’s still a dirty trick, nonetheless.” Prince Kazuhiko got up and readied himself. “Mantis, Rage 2nd.”
His body was blurred as he attacked his friend. theparkman123 dodged back, but he wasn’t the one Prince Kazuhiko was aiming for, it was the Rock Crab.
“Nice try.” theparkman123 snarled. “But you still won’t beat me. Shuriken, Rage full!”
A large group of flying ninja stars were hurled at Prince Kazuhiko. He couldn’t dodge the high speed throwing stars, but he quickly retaliated.
“V-Wolverine!” Prince Kazuhiko burst forward and slashed multiple times before he retreated.
The two kept fighting, not giving one inch of mercy.
“Fire Rain!”
“Animation Domination!”
The battle finally lightened up, but theparkman123 was in better condition then his opponent.
“Darn... it...” Prince Kazuhiko panted.
“I will... win.” theparkman123 promised.
“Not on... my watch. V-Mantis... Rage full...” Prince Kazuhiko was a blue blur with his full-on power technique. He gave theparkman123 several cuts, but theparkman123 wouldn’t give up.
“Heh, heh...” theparkman123 laughed. “I win... Shark Attack.”
A shark came up out of nowhere and took a chunk (not really) out of Prince Kazuhiko. He fell to the ground, unable to fight anymore.
“D-damn it...” Prince Kazuhiko heaved out, then fainted.
“Kazuhiko!” 101KiriUchiha ran over Prince Kazuhiko and looked at his torn body.
“I told you I’d win.” theparkman123 said. “Now stop bothering me. Let’s go.” He signaled the others to follow him.

Prince Kazuhiko woke up in a hospital bed.
How many times have I been here...? He thought.
“So you’re awake.” 101KiriUchiha was sitting next to the bed.
“You don’t need to stay in the group anymore.” Prince Kazuhiko sulked. “I couldn’t even get him back... I guess I’m weak.”
“You shouldn’t say that.” 101KiriUchiha responded. “I’m staying here as long as you’re here. We’re a team, and it’s not complete without him.”
Prince Kazuhiko just laid there, staring at the ceiling, deep in thought.
“Kiri,” Prince Kazuhiko mutters, “where’d J0K3Rcard go?”
“He left. He felt as if he shouldn’t be a burden anymore.”
“I guess it’s just us two to fend for ourselves for a while.”
“Yeah... hopefully not for long.”

Prince Kazuhiko
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Prince Kazuhiko
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