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Serah Nox Freya
"Sing a song made for the Heavens, a song only a siren could sing. Raise your voice with strength, and use it as a weapon against your foes." - Clair Nox Freya to Serah Nox Freya during the last reunion with her mother.

"You followed the sounds?... I am Serah Noct Freya."

"Many know me as the Sea Nymph..."

"I am seen in my Late Twenties..."

"Under these clothes I am Female."

"I may look different because I'm a Siren."

"I'm always caught looking Heterosexual."

"I'm very skilled in the art of Singing."

"The songs from my Voice is my defense.

"My ways of traveling is by Swimming and Walking, or Public Transportation..."

"Mirror my image for me in your eyes..."
Say Cheese!
Different Angle

"Now witness my true form..."
Don't be afraid...

"I live near the Water Shrine but my true home is in the Lake..."

"My Past...?"

Serah is seen as a stoic and mysterious girl who tends to hide her feelings a lot. She has a calm demeanor and tends to be completely unfazed by many events in life due to her childhood because of her parents. It is unknown whether or not she had been through multiple traumatic events in her life or has seen questionable things, but she refuses to say much about her life regarding that. Her mother was the caretaker of the Water Shrine they lived in and her father a semi-rich man from the city. Being the only one who could tame the waters of the lake, her father was forced to move to the suburban side of the town, where he learned more about his wife and their daughter.

Serah often keeps her distance from others both in her schools and overall social life. She doesn't seem to cooperate with other students very well and has been given the name "Ice Queen" because of her coldness to others. However, Serah is very sensitive regarding the subject about her mother, going as far as to even lose her cool when she is spoken about in a bad manner. Serah also doesn't like it when people keep secrets from her, as many will find out.

Behind Serah's stone cold personality, she seems to easily get emotionally upset, which is masked by her strong will. Even under calm situations, she sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her as seen whenever someone mentions her mother, and when anyone refuses to tell her something she has not been informed about, thus holding secrets from her. Ironically enough, Serah has a secret of her own that only she and her parents have know about, and it's one of the things she wishes she could trust someone with without betraying her.

As the years have passed though and she grew up more, Serah has become a lot more considerate of the friends she's made, and her demeanor is friendlier in their company. She is always seen smiling at them and sharing physical contact, like hugging and holding hands, and she trusts her friends, to a point. When she's with anyone but them, though, she's still very expressionless and reserved. Serah hasn't been able to express herself completely however, being stuck with her stoic emotions after she finished and graduated school and college. Although she has friends beside her she can trust, there is nobody she has been able to truly get close to, and the void of that burdening her heart has been crushing her ever since she was born.

Serah has a secret that nobody would believe, aside from her parents and mostly mother, she has been unable to tell anyone else. Like her mother, Serah was a Sea Nymph and one of vibrant blue colors. Her mother showed her at a very young age how to hide her true self from human eyes and tried to help her live a normal life, but her father was not one to keep very quiet, bragging about stories with the 'woman of the sea' in the city. After rumors arrived of a supposed 'sea nymph' surfacing around the Water Shrine and her lakes, many visitors have been coming by to disturb the peace and tranquility of the waters, angering the residents and Serah's parents herself. It wasn't long before her mother disappeared and the colors of the lake began to slowly die, causing the visitors to leave because of the dead environment. Dealing with the heartbreak of losing her mother, Serah didn't lose hope though because she believed that she was alive out there somewhere.

The loss of his wife caused her father to shortly pass away as well, becoming horribly sick and wracked with sadness that he was the cause of her disappearance and unable to protect his love caused him to give up on protecting his own daughter. With the life of the land starting to die, the only child was put up to taking the task of taking care of the Water Shrine from her mother, learning the words and rituals daily to restore the land to its former glory.

This struck Serah deeply, having lost both of her parents within less than a year. Luckily, she had already graduated and occasionally residents came to help her with restoring the lake back by giving her offerings such as food or clothes and currency to help her live the lonely life she had.

It had been four years since she graduated and left everything behind her, a few friends remained but otherwise Serah was by herself. With the years, she managed to understand who she was much more recently and why she was so important to her mother. With the powers of a Sea Nymph, she had a strong and alluring voice, a single tune could cause anyone to listen in a trance nearly and do her bidding if she so desired. This was her weapon, and her curse, thus reasoning why she hardly spoke much because just her voice alone made people direct their attention to her without trying.

Eventually, photos came up of another Sea Nymph in the darkest of nights under the moonlight with a bright blue shine, causing some visitors to flock back to the Shrine before Serah casted them out, all allured by her voice. Word began to spread that something odd happens every night at the Water Shrine and lakes, but Serah prohibits anyone from passing the chained gates past sunset because she does her rituals, but this doesn't stop one stray from trying to enter here and there, claiming they glimpsed a sight of the said creature.

But for now, those were all rumors...

Toxic Night Blade
Community Member
Toxic Night Blade
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