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1. Guys don’t like girls who mess around with everybody.

2. Guys like it when girls mess up a little when flirting because it makes them feel more comfortable.

3. Just because a guy likes you doesn’t mean he will get you. Many guys are very shy and, however ridiculous it is, might never confront you for fear of being rejected. It’s stupid, but it’s a fact.

4. Guys are always confused by girls. They will generally talk to other guys to try and figure stuff out, but not always.

5. Guys may get shy around a girl they are interested in, but will never ignore a girl they want. (However, they may not focus on the girl as much as one might think, as increased interaction fuels social pressure.)

6. If a guy is asking other girls questions about you, he’s serious.

7. Guys don’t talk about feelings that much, so if they talk about a girl’s appearance more than her personality, it might have something to do with his image.

8. Guys will walk the long way, if it means walking by her.

9. Guys will stare longer more frequently at the girl that he's got his mind on.

10. Guys think way more about girls then girls think about guys, apparently. I wouldn’t know from personal experience.

11. Guys will contemplate every little thing a girl does looking for hidden meaning. It’s like an English assignment for them.

12. Guys plan out what there going to say to a girl before he talks to her, but in the moment he's talking to her, he will completely forgo his plan. If he’s smart, he’ll recognize this and start to just “wing it” (which always works better anyways, in my opinion.)

13. Guys are attracted to girls even though they are confused about them, and everything they do. It’s like Tetris: you know that you can’t ever win, but for some reason you can’t stop playing.

14. Guys love it when a girl wears his jacket. (Unless it’s really cold. They’ll still give it to you and suffer silently, but bring your own next time.)

15. Guys like the way girls smell, regardless of perfume. As much as I hate the whole Twilight thing, that part stands true.

16. If a guy never looks at you, he doesn’t like you. If he does look at you, he might like you. If you catch him looking at you frequently, he probably does like you.

17. If he’s interested and comfortable around you, he will always want your attention. If he’s interested and insecure, he’ll still want your attention, but will be very uncomfortable. Keep the conversation going, which means ask questions. Answering a few of your questions might make him confident enough to ask some of his own, which will lead to more questions on your part, and then more on his part, and boom. Conversation.

18. Guys get jealous easily. It doesn’t matter if the guy friend she’s known since she was two has been in a relationship for 10 years, he’s still the number one suspect.

19. Guys would like to know that he is worth pursuing. Seriously, there is a limit to playing hard to get.

20. Right before going to bed, guys will think of the one girl they really care about. Or about anything else going on in their life. But if the girl is the biggest thing, then yeah, it’s her.

21. If a guy likes you for the right reasons, he won’t want sex until you do. Just being with you should be enough for him.

22. Guys are blind when it comes to a girl giving them signs about how she feels, you might as well flat out tell us. Those signs get mixed in with all the other, normal things that you do that aren’t signs, which give us mixed signals.

23. Sometimes guys like a chase, but they don't like a tease. And there’s fine line between the two, so watch yourself. They will give up after a certain degree of crap.

24. Guys don't want to be embarrassed in front of their friends. Unless it somehow makes you look like an awesome girlfriend and makes all of his friends jealous, he might actually get a confidence boost out of that one.

25. When we come up to you, and initiate a conversation, ask for your number and not just give you theirs, it’s a big thing for us. We might have been planning this moment for weeks.

26. Mystery draws us in. That doesn’t give you license to purposefully confuse us however.

27. Guys don't like to see girls cry. He will ask you what is wrong and then try to fix it. No, we can’t just talk about it. Problems require a solution, that’s how we’re built.

28. Guys don’t want to look whipped in front of their friends, but always do anyways. Such is life.

29. Staring can mean many things. He might like you, or he might not. Or you may have something in your teeth. The best way to tell is to talk to him, read his reactions.

30. If he looks in your eyes while talking to you, he feels comfortable around you. Note, that doesn’t mean he likes you, just feels comfortable.

31. A guy might do something big for a girl he likes. All he wants in return is recognition (from you), a hug, and a conversation.

32. If a guy starts a serious conversation, it’s serious. If it didn’t have to be, it wouldn’t be, but because it has to be, it is.

33. He will always want to hang out with you, unless he is very busy, hasn’t been with his guy friends in awhile, or just wants to relax by himself. Don’t be fooled, you’re still #1 on his list, even if you don’t get 24/7 attention.

34. If he really loves you, you might have the power to turn him against his parents and/or friends. Hopefully you won’t be able to, but if you can, please don’t.

35. If you’ve only known him for a few weeks to a month and he’s already talking sexually, don’t get played. He just wants you for your body.

36. Guys want to be loved just as much s girls want to be loved. (Again, this is just speculative, as I have never been a girl. I do know that guys feed on the love from their girlfriends.)

37. Drama is bad. Don’t turn yourself into a “yes” girl, real drama is healthy drama. But don’t make more, please.

38. Guys aren't interested in girls with bad reputations. However, if it happened a long time ago and he sees that you HAVE changed, he may give you a shot.

39. No matter how comfortable you are with each other, he will always put on more of a show for you, to try and make himself look just a tiny bit better.

40. Guys are very emotional, they just don’t show it. Which is unhealthy and stupid, but we can’t help it. Guys practiced at containing emotion are very hard to read. This applies not only to negative emotions, but positives as well. He might refrain from showing his affection for you for fear of scaring you away. Again, no bueno.

41. Guys don’t forget relationship experience, they are crafted from past relationships.

42. Guys will always be at least somewhat confused.

43. The girl that got away will always be a “what if” in his mind.

44. Personality is what attracted us to you in the first place, don’t ever change yours. (Not including finals week, that certain time of the month, or other serious issues.)

45. Guys might apologize for something they did or said a week ago, it’s been torturing them ever since. Even if they never apologize, they might still feel it.

46. Guys might give little tests to see how true the girl is. Or they may not. So just stay true, it’s the safest route.

47. Guys like to see girls eat (if there neat.) It’s intriguing for some weird reason. Probably because you’re (hopefully) not cramming two slices of pizza in your mouth at the same time or chugging fries while driving.

48. Guys like a girl who’s not afraid to be herself, and just be able to kick back sometimes, and be chill.

49. Guys will always need to hang out with other guys sometimes. The estrogen eventually gets overwhelming.

50. Guys may want a chill girl sometimes, but they always want a girl. (Disregarding homosexuality, you know what I mean.)
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