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The Girl Who dreams out loud
a god child's sadness (A dream i Had)
Leleea come down we are leaving. grab your stuff. Leleea's step mom called.
Ok Sophia hold you horses I’m coming. Is dad ready yet? Leleea asked.
He left with some friends. Your driving down with Jamie. Sophia called.
No way, really?! awesome Jamie is the best uncle. ok I’m ready lets hit he road. Called Leleea as she cam down the stairs.
Ok Jamie will pick you up at my mothers house.. At least you get to see the party. Toph will be there and Damien. Sophia said happily.
Ew Toph? but she hangs all over me and she’s mentally ill. well if Damien’s going to be there i guess i can handle it. Leleea said.
Finally Jamie picked Leleea up. They headed to the dumpy hotel her father got them.
Jamie I’m hungry lets go into that restaurant for lunch. Ok? asked Leleea.
Sure Leleea I’m hungry o. Jamie answered back.
They walked into the restaurant and sat down at an empty table. the menu had only three things to eat. and two types of drinks. Leleea was not sure what she wanted. When a man came over and changed her life forever...
Hello. said the man as he walked over to Jamie. you may leave now. he said quietly.
But why? we just...........@.@........ i must leave now. thank you for the food. Said Jamie all in a confused way.
Leleea looked at him. and watched Jamie leave. she ran for the door but some one grabbed her. it was a very pretty lady.
Let me go. I have to catch up with Jamie he cant just leave me here! Shouted Leleea.
Come now Lena. Your a god. start acting like one. and as the woman said this she waved her hand and Leleea felt strange. her memory’s slipped away. But once the memory of her mother and father came into her mind. she held onto it with all her strength.
Leleea looked at the woman and said. My names not Lena its Leleea. And i am not a god. there is only one god. and he lives up in heaven.
The woman looked down at her and sighed. I’m sorry dear but your a god now, and Lena is your new name. she said that and disappeared. the Man from the table. came up to her and took her across the street.
Where are we going Asked Leleea as she struggled to get free from his painful grip.
All of a sudden. She saw a spark in the sky. Like a fire work going strait up. And ready to pop. She quickly knew her mother was on that firework in the sky. She started running towards it crying. And running faster then ever before. But the a had grabbed her arm pulling her down .she struggled to run again. She had to save her mother.

To be continued

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