"Don't Mind Me"
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Selected reviews of "Stay"

Your writing is subtly powerful, you create such vivid images in a way that seems effortless. I really enjoyed reading this. It was really beautiful how you described Levi.
I loved the opening paragraph and the use of 'mind over matter'. It worked really well. The cover is also really nice, after reading it I glanced at the cover and thought it suited your story perfectly.
You should definitely write longer pieces, I would love to read more from you!
Keep it up, this was truly beautiful.
- karlee.hall, Figment
aah! I cried smile this is a gorgeous story, and impeccably written as well. I didn't find one grammatical error, so you did your own story justice just with that. The MC's thoughts were very well expressed, and her situation was clearly explained in under 1200 words. excellent!
- Dayna Rix, Figment
Positively beautiful imagery you used. The pictures you painted were so vivid, I could practically see the scene you were describing. You allowed us to know all three characters in such a short piece of their lives, which is a very impressive feat. Your grammar was fantastic, as well, which allowed the reader to focus on the story without being distracted by silly errors.
All in all, I think this is a great entry and has a very real chance of
winning. Amazing work, and good luck!
- Sabrina Anne, Figment

Selected reviews of "Waiting"

This is lovely! A moment of peace in nature truly is something to treasure. Well done! smile
- Julia Warner, Figment
This is really good! I felt like I was right there with you, smelling and seeing things. Keep writing for sure!
- Fairlight Maiden, Figment