The only reason why I occasionally log on to this site is to reminisce and read old journals. I can't believe that my latest journal dates back to my 8th grade life. I was such a bully (mostly only to guys who liked me a lil too much), but still, I'm glad I've matured a bit since then. 3nodding

Some updates that my future self might find interesting:
1. I tried adding Kevin on facebook a few months back. Yes, I know that we haven't seen each other in 5 years, but I still thought he would remember me and accept the friend request. I was wrong. And mortified. And kinda insulted, to be honest.
2. Nothing ever happened between Michael and me. In the end, he went to Emory and I to Mercer. I recently found out that his family has moved to MA. question ?
3. I still procrastinate like a pro. I'm procrastinating right now actually. But I really should stop being all nostalgic and just go study already. Test in 29 days! OMG! emo