I heart GAIA

it's like the best web site (i know)

u know sometimes i hate my life, i don't really know why, but i just do. sweatdrop
i really like 2 hear music every day, i mostly listen 2 britney spears,madonna, akon, neyo, alica keys, 50 cent and many more. xp

i live in denmark, i like this place, i was born i denmark, but im half phillins and hald danish.
i speak danish, english and kinda tagalog. wink

u know what?????......................i don't know 2 question

i like naruto but im not like a crazy fan of them, but i know a little of it

1. naruto likes sakura
2. hinata likes naruto
3. sakura likes sauske
4. sasuke want's 2 kill his brother (i think)
5.naruto has a 9 taled dæmon fox inside him scream
6. naruto made his own jutsu (sexy no jutsu)
i can't really remeber more eek

the devil wheres prada thats mean im the devil im just joking lol

u wanna know more about me just write 2 me then we talk/chat tigether

c'ya all rofl