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Cri's Stories
Don't steal please
Part 2

The Celestial Dawn was Leon's ship, He went on several adventures with it and it's crew. It was one of three in a small fleet of Leon and his two best friends. The Celestial Dawn, The Celestial Eclipse and The Celestial Dusk where the names Of the the ships. Leon was the captain of the Dawn of course, and Vince was the captain of the Dusk and his other friend Scads was captain of the Twilight. Leon watched the crew work as they set up the gang way then looked at Raelix, an member of the Dawns crew. "It's in perfect condition, just as I left it." He said staring at the ship in awe. Raelix just grinned. "Yeah, I thought you might like that, Vince worked hard to restore it I thought he was going to take with him but he didn't, it seems he was trying to send you a message." Leon laughed. Yeah, Vince was always weird like that. But why do you need me? Scads is willing to help isn't he?" He asked. The man nodded." Scads turned his back on him, he really let himself go, he's just the town drunk now." Leon looked at him with disbelief "Scads?!" Leon turned around, hearing the front door shut behind him. It was his wife, Mira. "What's going on love?" She asked, putting her head on his shoulder."My friend Vince went missing, Raelix here is asking me to help find him." Leon said wrapping one arm around his wife. She looked at the young man shock. "Raelix, is that really you? My, haven't you grown up since I saw you last." Raelix looked at the two smiling but his voice still serious. "Yeah, I desperately need his help, he know the area where Vince went missing. I have no clue how to navigate that area. Where as Leon, navigated through that area several times without a problem. Scared the crew to death the first time though. The Bloodstone Islands are dangerous, not a place to be for a mere novice like myself." Raelix said modestly. "What do you think love?" Leon asked is wife. "I think you should go, your friend needs you." She said looking in to his eyes. He sighed. "Yeah but you and the kids need me too." Mira smiled. "Yes, but we can survive without you for a while. Just as long as you promise to come back in one piece." Leon nodded and turned back to Raelix. "Alright, I'll go with you. Just give me time to get ready." He said opening the door and entering the house. "Why not come in for something to drink while you wait?" Mira asked, following her husband though the door. Leon was greeted by his two sons Imry and Liam. "Dad, what's going on? Leon knelled down messing up their hair. "Well your dad has to go away for a while to help an old friend." The two looked up at him tears beginning to form. "Do we get to come with you?" They asked with pouty faces. "No, it's way to dangerous. Besides I need to ask you boys something." He said with a chuckle. "What is it!?" The two asked, excitement displaying on their little faces. "I need you to take care of your mother, and the house. You're the men of the house until I return. You need to chop and bring in the fire wood and protect your mother for me. Will you do that?" The two looked at him with disappointment. "Yeah dad, we can do that." Leon patted their heads gently and smiled. "Good." To be continued....

Part 1

Leon woke to his children climbing in his bed with him and his wife, Mira. "Hey Dad! There's someone outside, I think they might be looking for you!" Leon opened his eyes slowly to see a worried look on their face. "Looking for me?" He said groggily, looking around the dark room. Over his children's voices he could hear a hum of a propeller or a group of them it sounded like. He slipped out of bed, careful not to wake his wife who surprisingly was still asleep and slipped on his robe, tying it tight and stepped outside telling his two children to stay indoors. As he turned he saw a gigantic shadow completely covering his home. He turned to see a huge airship, he hadn't seen one of those since his days as an airship pirate, in a way he kind of missed the adventures he had. He was approached by a man that looked familiar to him but his appearance changed drastically, This man had a black leather trench coat that flowed behind him as he walked. Black steel-toe combat boots, and shirt and pants that looked tailor fitted. The man was no longer the filthy cabin boy he remembered. His hands brushed against the hilt of his cutlass as he climbed the stairs up to Leon. "Are you Captain Leon Embermane?" He asked, his voice serious, not his usual humor Leon was accustomed to hearing. "Yeah, but I haven't been called captain for a while." He said rubbing his eyes. "Remember Raelix I quit being a pirate along time ago, my family is priority now." Leon said looking back to his house seeing his two children peeking out the window. "No one quits being a pirate, captain. Once an airship pirate always an airship pirate. And it's captain Raelix now." The man said with authority. Leon chuckled in response. "Well good for you, I see you have your own ship and crew now. That's quite impressive." Raelix smiled slightly as Leon looked over his ship. "So what's this about? I was sleeping until I was so rudely interruped." Raelix looked at him with a disappointed frown. "So you don't want to hear about your best friend?" Leon looked at him with shocked eyes. "Vince!? " He asked. Raelix nodded. "He went missing." Leon looked at him, shaking his head. "Still looking looking for the one treasure that eluded us no doubt." Raelix nodded in agreement. So what do you need me for? I have a family now, a wife, and kids. I'm not the same man I was back in the day." Raelix smiled a bit more this time. "Perhaps not but I came all this way to ask for your help, I even brought you a present." Raelix motioned toward the sky as an airship descended from the clouds, stopping parrelel to Leon's cliffside home. Leon gasped as his eyes widened in both shock and excitement. "The Celestial Dawn!?" He said with a shocked voice. To be continued....

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