"Mommy he's coming!" Jali yelled as she gazed out the window. Everyone around the corner jumped and ran to the window. Far off in the distance a loud thundering rattled the earth as the foot steeps of horses came closer.
"Gayin open the hatch," Mother yelled pointing to the secret hole in the wall. "Larine get in quickly." She yelled pointing at me, but I stood frozen in panic. My father quickly ran to me and pushed me into the secret hatch in the wooden wall.
"Please stay quiet it won't be for long this time." He said softly, his eye's furrowed deap in worry, he closed the hatch door and everything went black as the hair sweepind over my eyes. I heard the scrapping of the china cabnit as it was moved back into place infront of the hatch. I stood in silent fear as my family suffled around tidding up our tiny skack. The door opened and the faint sound of my mothers shoes drifted off as she went out to meet Him. My younger brother Dechan came to the wall and knocked three times signally that he was here, outside the house.
The door swung open wide, the sound of clunking boots echoed through the walls as the dishes clanged in the cabnit. I could just imagine, his small eyes peeking over large round cheeks. His beard hanging down in wiery black tangles. His overly sized black coat swaying in the air, and his boots as black as the slicked back hair that clung to a round evil scalp.
"Where is she?" He demanded in an angry deap voice, a chill shoot up my spine at the words. My father steeped forward feebly.
"She is not here Sir." I heard him say in a week voice, he was terribly afraid, but not for himslef, for me.
"Where is she?" He sounded again, this time more angry and with more rumbling from his large chest.
"Out sir," My mother said, more couragous than my father.
"Where is she?" He demanded, his voice was loud and rattled the house, my little sister Jalin cried and ran to my mother who picked her up with a tiered sigh.
"She is..." My father stummbled tring to find a desent lie, "She is out in the mountains picking flowers."
"Is, she now? How long must you worthless people hide her from me. I know she is here. STOP LIEING." His voice thundered again.