I have finally returned to Gaia. Been so busy and life got so hectic. sweatdrop but things have settled and i finally got my internet back up and running! 3nodding I haven't been on here in ages!...i'm not even sure if i'm going to get back on with my shop project. that thing was a bit of a pain to keep up with. so it might just die....dunno... *shrugs* But enough of the past and on with the present!!! i got me a new job!! it's pretty neat i work nights. and i had my two days off but got really sick!! yeah that sucks getting sick on your days off!!! but then i got a shot for it. It hurt soooo bad!!! i cried!! and i'm a 21 year old adult!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeah alot of pain!!! turns out i was allergic to the shot....yeah....bad stuff.... cry alot of pain. and i have to work tonight. i'll be fine though. ummmmm i guess that's all that i will post for now....oh wait!! ZOMG is now ready to play! i know thats old news for everyone else but I'm excited!! hehe. i'll try to be on more. (if i'm not playing maple.... >_> wink haha well over and out! CIAO