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Completely random thoughts of the day! Here is where you will find: things to ponder, odd pics, odd, weird a**, and cool Youtube videos, random conversations between me and friends, and things you NEVER wanted to know or see... or even think about... Please comment on the things you view

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The difference of love and lust
Love, a four letter word
Some lost looking for it
Most, in all the wrong places
The world we know it
Is succumbing to lust
And people never see
The danger that it be

How many wrong choices are there to make?
Most people think love is cake.
People don't see, what I see
Our ancestors knew the difference we seek
While we squander our time and grow week
Sex doesn't mean to us, what it meant to them
People give what they can only give once
And think that it's the answer

Sex is not the answer
It is a question that we seek
Some think it means more
Others throw it away
With out a thought
A thought to what the future may hold
Of other people they may meet
Of others... Who have not lost a thing

People do not know how dear their life is
People think there is no reason
To save their body
For the one they marry
And there are others
Whom save it for the ones that matter

People know not
Of what they are doing
Teens think with their hormones
And let them do the talking
While people who think
People who know
People who have saved everything for The One

Teens don't know what to do
Teen males think their friends
Will like them more
And think of them better
Based on how many girls they screwed
And most guys think like that

I have heard teens say
"Twenty points per cherry popped,
Ten points for a hotty
Five for a cutey
And one for an ugly"

These kind of people
They disgust me to no end
They guy who said that, got socked in the face
When he got back up
He turned and ran

As I was walking
I ran into him and his buddies
Where I told them these words
To show them the error of their ways

"Women are not for mere pleasure
They have feelings
They have hearts
They are like us
Just with different parts
What would you do
If when you finally found love
True love, not the lust that you have
And you find her with her friends
And telling them of all the boys she screwed
While going out with you?
Women are not toys
Love is not a sport
Love is not how many girls you, 'score,'
Love is something that should be cherished
Something that should never
Be handled like this
Love is something special
Something that changes the way you think of girls
Women are not mere reproducers
Are not just for pleasure
Women are human
Just like you and I."

They looked upon me
And turned to each other
They started to speak amongst themselves
After they finished they all turned to me
The kid I punched said something
Something I would expect from and older man
Older, even, than even my father
For even he thinks with his hormones

"I see now what we have been doing is wrong
There have been many wrongs committed
And we shall try to fix them
I cannot help but to see my wrongs
And to try to undo them
I know that I should have no reason
That I should not have done these deeds
But I shall fix them, as best I can."

With that, they turned to leave
As they walked, the oldest one turned to me
And said something,
Something that made me think

"I shall repay you
For this deed you have done
Meet me here tomorrow
At the break of the new day"

And then they all walked off
The next day I met the kid there
And he showed up right on time
He got out of his car
And gave me a bag
Before I could open it
He was driving away.

I opened the bag
And in there I saw
A beautiful glass sculpture
Of a beautiful wren
And with the bird, there was a not
And it read

"Thank you kind sir,
For all you have done
This belonged to a friend
Who I had hurt badly
This friend took their life
And I now is say sadly
'I never meant to hurt her
I just wanted some fun
And I threw her off the edge
And I always thought
Girls were for sex
Looks mattered most
And now I realize...

You taught me so much
In that five minute lecture
I will give them to my children
When I merry the one I love
I will never have sex
Until I am married
Thank you kind sir
And I hope that you find
The love you talk about
And I promise one more thing
If I see you again
I will be with someone
Who I have for more than sex
Good, kind sir
Your parents taught you right.

I chuckled over the last line
Tears in my eyes
I have always had this impact
To one degree or another
Whenever I talked to friends about sex
And little did this kid know
My parents tried to teach me totally different
And if I see this kid again
I will tell him my of my life

The next time I saw him,
Several months later
He was with a girl, walking on a beach
When he saw me
He ran up to me, and gave me a hug
Then turned to his girl
And said to me this.

"This is my girlfriend
We've been together all this time
And she knew me before
But stayed away
But when she saw the change
She wanted to see how deep it went
And she asked me out
I said yes, of course
And look at us now!
No sex, no foreplay
I have changed for the better
All thanks to you."

The girl came up to me
And shook my hand.

"You look the part
Of someone who changes lives
I am glad to meet you
I love this man you see before us
He has changed more
Than anyone thought possible
I thank you
And again, a million times over."

When they started to turn
I told them my story

"My father is much like you where
I learned nothing from him
My mother was a b***h
Who never did anything
If I could change one thing in my life
It would be helping people for many years more
If not for the family I had
I would not be like this
They tried to make me like them
And I refused to do so
Their persistence straightened my resistance
And I am who you see before you."

They both stared at me
And the girl said to me

"I thought you had grown up in a proper family
But if you have not...
You are a one of a kind person
Thank you kind sir
And what may be your name?"

"Who? Who is but the form
Following the function of what,
and what I am is a man
A man who changes lives.
What is a name
But letters on paper?
But sounds formed on the lips?
I choose to remain unnamed
For names are powerful things."

With that
I turned and walked away
I changed a mans life
And made it better
Now it is time
To walk among the people of lust
And teach them, as I taught him

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