Rusty’s My Puppy

Summery: One shot. Slash. Whenever Danny sees Rusty he’s reminded of a puppy. To play a joke on his friend he goes out and gets some dog things. However what happens when his plan backfires?

Author Note: I mean who watches this movie and dosen’t get slash ideas? Hope you enjoy!^^

Danny, Rusty

Danny watched in amuzment as Rusty once again lechered Linus on conning, and other things the kid wanted to know. He always enjoyed watching Rusty and for one simple reason, his partner always reminded him of a puppy.
Whenever Rusty was exsited, which didn’t happen often, his eyes would light up full of innocents and his mouth would make the cuteish smile. When he was depressed his shoulders would hunch over and his eyes would look as if he was the sadest person in the world. Most of the time though he looked smug. Like a mutt who could get away with anything.
“Aren’t I right Danny?” Rusty’s words cut into his thought’s sanpping him back to reality.
Shaking his head quickly Ocean’s reasted his elbow on the table before placing his head in his hands. “Hm?’
Rusty frowned at the older male. “Were you not listening? You were watching us wen’t you?” he questioned. When Danny just shrugged the blond shook his head before turning his attention back to Linus.
Danny continued watching until he got an idea. Smirking to himself he stood up and graved his jacket before heading out of the small apartment they all shared. The confused glance that Rust shot him didn’t go unnoticed by the con man and he just smiled before waving to the other.
Rusty and Danny had gotten an apartment together a year or so ago, and linus moved in with them shortly afterwards. They could get the rest of the guys together much faster this way and Danny and Rusty could teach linus all he needed to know while he was with them. So it worked out just find and it was pretty convenent too.
Walking down the busy streets Danny grinned at his newest brillent plan. He couldn’t wait to try it out. It would sure be funny.-and as much as he didn’t want to say it, cute.
A few muintues later and the thief ended up in front of the good old pet store. Walking in he nodded his head to the cashier already scouting the place for the number of corners, escape routes, the hight of the walls, and what not. Clearing his head he focused his mind to one thing. He was here for Rusty, not a job. Stopping in the dog section he picked out a few things before heading over to the cashier and handing him the money he would never see again.
Happy with his perccees he made his way back home, but not beore he picked up some pizza. It was his turn to get the food tonight and Linus would scold him if he forgot again.
As soon as he walked in the door Linus and Rusty were right there. Linus only graved the small box and took off to their kitchen while Rusty stood there with his arms crossed over his chest.
He didn’t say anything only looked down at the bag and then back up a Danny as if saying, ‘are we getting a dog?’
“Nope.” Was all the older would say and he seemed fine with that fact as he shrugged and they both followed after Linus to the kitchen.
Placing the plactic bag down Danny pulled a small plate out of the covert before plopping a gressy perasce on it.
“What? To ch-.”
“You know me.”
“True. What’s with-.”
“Surprise. You’ll see la -.”
With their conversation finished the two went back to eating their different slices ignoring the confused stare from Linus. After he had been living with these two for a little less then a year he found out it was pointless to ask about their conversations.
Finishing his food Danny placed his plate in the sink, picked up his bag he patted Rusty on the shoulder before heading out of the kitchen.
Sighing he flopped