This is a poem that i wrote to a friend of mine, we had a fight and i never liked him after that, lolz the fight happened over 3 days and my guess is even thou it ended and hour ago its still not over, nothings ever over with him. And yes i no i cant write poems, so tell me if u like it or not.

U never open up your eyes,
U will never c,
How much your words mean to me.
U yell,
U call me names,
U leave,
U come back,
It happens again and again,
Its a pattern now,
One that has to stop.
And yet after all that,
I still check to c if ur there,
To c if ur the one calling,
I miss being the one u could count on,
The one that helps u throu those days.
Its never been so hard to lose a friend,
But now I c that it has to end.
I'll make ur life easier,
By letting u be,
I can only hope,
U will do to same to me.