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Dreams of Erinn .My story based on the MMORPG game Mabinogi

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Chapter 4: Lassar and Magic
I walked as slow as I could while I headed south. School wasn't a happy place for me. I never fitted in with anyone at the prep school Mother forced me to go to. This wouldn't be any different.

I mean, I was a girl who dreamed herself into another world that I knew nothing about my surroundings. Even though so far, it seemed like a medieval version of Harry Potter.

The large wooden building became closer in view. A nervous energy filled my body. I was shaking like a leaf. I couldn't do this. I couldn't embarrass myself. I began to cry hot tears.

I felt a small hand on my shoulder. I turned around. A beautiful girl around my age with blonde hair curling to her behind, hiding aquamarine irises underneath her bang. She wore a green blouse paired with black short overalls and black knee high boots. An ebony long bow was mounted on her back. "Something wrong?"

I wiped my tears away. "First day of Magic School."

She patted my head. It was beginning to become a running theme. "Don't worry about it. Lassar gives one-on-one lessons. No reason to panic."

I smiled and breathed. "That's good."

"Yes. See you around." She walked away. Wow, what a cool chick. I wondered what her name was.

But, I had no time to ponder that. Lassar was waiting on me. I ran like Sonic the Hedgehog chasing a chilli dog. Before long, I found myself at the school's door.

Now or never. I opened the door and entered the classroom. "I've been expecting you, Alexxa. Duncan told me you were coming."

I saw the body that spoke such a cute voice. Waves of her red hair came down to her shoulders. Judging by her somewhat small stature, well-proportioned body, and a neat two-piece school uniform, it wasn't hard to tell she was a teacher. The intelligent look in her eyes, the clear lip line and eyebrows presented her as a charming lady.

I moved closer to her. "You must be Lassar."

"I am." She looked me up and down. "And you need an outfit. Hold on." She opened a drawer and pulled out some clothes. She handed them to me. "Here, change right now."

As uncomfortable as it seemed, I carefully pulled off the nightgown and looked at my new clothes. Black jacket, white button up, wide red and white cravat tie, red plaid skirt, gray knee high socks, and brown shoes. I quickly put it all on.

She smiled. "There! Now I can teach you! Where's your wand?"

I held it out. She examined it carefully. "That's your basic Combat Wand."

"This that good?"

"Yes. I'm going to teach you Icebolt." She touched my wand. It glowed blue for a second, but was gone the next. "Now, point your wand at something and yell Icebolt."

I pointed it at a nearby desk. "Icebolt!" A giant bolt shot out and the desk froze.

Lassar clapped. "Perfect! You're a natural! Now, go outside and practice it on some trees."

"Okay!" Thank you!" I skipped out of the room. That wasn't so bad after all.

Chapter 3: Tir Chonaill
My eyes were still closed when I felt my feet touch solid ground. What would be in front of me next? I was so scared to find out.

I opened my left eye to scan my surroundings. The sun was beginning to rise, painting the sky pale orange. My other eye shot open. The buildings were so cute with their straws roofs.

This was a small farming town. It reminded me of my childhood. Until I was fifteen, I lived on a farm. It was such a peaceful life with my family and three horses. But, Mother wanted to live in the city that never sleeps. So, we moved to New York. And, I absolutely hate it.

I started to walk around. I couldn't spot too many people. But, that's not uncommon. Most people in a place like this were busy with crops and animals.

I pulled down my dress. Black lace was so not appropriate. I could feel dirty glares sear through my skin and into my soul. I felt so ashamed to be seen like that.

A snowy owl flew above me. Its talons held a parcel. When it started to swoop down, I freaked out. I screamed and began to flee. I ended up tripping over a rock and the parcel landed on my head.

I got on my knees and grabbed the parcel. It was a note that read:

Dear Chief Duncan,
I am directing someone to you. This person is from another world. Please help them adjust to life in Erinn. Thank you, and I hope I will be able to visit you soon.
-Nao Pryderi-

Well, I guessed I was suppose to see this guy, I trekked my way around Tir Chonaill. A strange feeling led me to Duncan. He had a gray beard and long hair shaded the deep wrinkles lining his forehead. He definitely looked like an elderly man with decades of untold experiences. But his beaming eyes defied his age.

I shakily handed him the parcel. He gave me a faint as he read the note. "You were sent by Nao. Welcome to Tir Chonaill."

"Thank you. I'm Alexxa."

"Amd I'm Duncan, chief of this village. You were chosen by the Goddess, I can tell. That's why you were brought into Erinn."

Again with the mention of the Goddess. Who was she? "Umm... that's nice."

"It's quite an honor. You'll settle nicely into Erinn."

The owl came again and dropped some things into my arms. I received some gold, I thought 100 pieces, a wooden wand and a flute.

"Seems like you're destined to become a magician and bard. Go see Lassar, she'll teach you magic. Go to the School to find her."

I sighed. I didn't want to go to school!

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Chapter 2: Nao and the Soul Stream
And when the darkness became light again, I was surrounded by white. Geez, you think my dreams would have a better color scheme. White is so simple. Something I would never be.

I sank to my knees. It hurt too. The platform was so painful to sit on. Probably made from some type of stone. I gripped my hands on the groves of the bottom of the platform. Maybe someone would come for me.

And so, I waited. And waited. And waited. But, no one came. This was my dream. Shouldn't people show up when I want them to?

Then, my prayers were answered. Someone randomly materialized before my eyes. It was a beautiful girl in a black dress with intricate patterns. Her deep azure blue eyes reminded me of an endless blue sea full of mystique. With her pale skin and her distinctively sublime silhouette, she seemed as if she belonged in another world.

I staggered to my feet. Was this perfect really in front of me? I ran over to her and touched her cheek. Her skin was so soft.

She looked at me, obviously confused. "May I help you?" Even her voice was angelic.

I jerked my hand back. "I'm sorry. That was rude of me."

She smiled. "It's fine. I understand your confusion. My name is Nao Mariota Pryderi. And you are?"

"I'm Alexxa Alice Lawliet." I held out my hand. "It's nice to meet you."

She shook it quickly. "A pleasure to meet you too. Welcome to the Soul Stream."

"The Soul Stream?"

"Yes. The Goddess summoned you here for a purpose. And now, it's my job to guide you to Erinn."

Goddess? Erinn? These words I didn't know the meaning to. But, I felt like I should. Another word popped into my head. I said it out loud, "Mabinogi."

She patted my head. "The realm which contains Erinn. Look down."

I did and gasped. The platform was the same as the symbol on the book. Wait... That book's title was Mabinogi! What did it all mean. "It's all so confusing..."

"And in time, you will understand. But, I've kept you here too long. It's time for you to go. One more thing. Actually, make that two."

I cocked my head sideways. "What is it?"

"First," she pointed at my dress, "Buy a proper outfit. Secondly, be careful. Erinn can be a dangerous place."

"Thanks Nao. I'll see you soon."

"You too, Alexxa."

She touched my forehead and then the Soul Stream and Nao disappeared.

Chapter 1: Journey to Erinn
(Based on Generation One: Advent of the Goddess)

I just wanted to cry. This was the worst day of my life. My parents were arguing again over me. My father demanded that my piano lessons needed to be payed for. My mother would rather have the money for her boyfriend on the side.

As I listened to this pointless exchange of harsh words, I saw my face in the full length mirror in front of me. It turned out that tears were running from my emerald eyes. My ghost white skin was glowing slightly in the moonlight from my window. The red curls of my hair were tied into high pigtails.

I laid back on my bed. The fighting grew louder. It was the breaking point. Dad wanted Mom out of the house. She couldn't have agreed more. Doors slammed and a suitcase was being unzipped.

Goodbye Mother. You never cared about me anyways.

A knock came to my door. "It's open," I said quickly as I sat up. My father William walked in. His ginger hair was unruly and short. Tears filled his blue eyes. He sat beside me on the bed.

"Things are going to change for the better."

I sighed. "Things should have changed a long time ago. You knew about this boyfriend for half a year now. You should have kicked her out when you found out!"

He patted my head lightly. He was making me feel like a child. I'm seventeen years old, not four. "I know that. But, I love your mother. It kills me now to see her leave."

A flash of blonde hair ran past my open door. I cried even more. She wasn't even going to say farewell to me. And I was her only child.

We could hear the front door being opened and shut closed. That was it, she left us forever. More liquid poured from my father's eyes as he kissed my forehead. "We'll talk about this in the morning. Good night, sweetheart."

I gave him a half smile. "Night Dad."

He slowly walked away from my room and closed the door behind him. Poor thing. Mother was his entire world. And what did she do? She ripped his heart out and stabbed it with a butcher knife. Just like the heartless b***h I knew she was.

I located a plastic bag on my bed and pulled out a brown leather book with a strange orange knot on the front. I bought it earlier that day at the local bookstore out of impulse.

I opened it to the first page. Only one word appeared on the page: Mabinogi. What an interesting title. I turned the page. It was blank. I kept turning pages. They were all blank.

I couldn't believe this. Five bucks for a book with one word in it! I threw it across the room. As if my life couldn't get any worse.

I stomped over to my dresser and pulled out a black lace nightgown. I quickly undressed and slipped on the gown. I went over to my windowsill and sat. The moon was bright and full. It was beautiful.

I yawned. Sleep was getting the best of me. I jumped off the sill and went under the covers of my bed. I fell asleep so quickly...

I woke up in darkness. Funny, I didn't remember turning out my lights. A soft voice spoke to me. "It's time to head to Erinn. Prepare yourself."

"What!?" A light shined. I couldn't see anything except for black wings. I was surrounded by ebony feathers. And then, there was only darkness again.

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