Chapter 1

" Good morning!" I said happily as I jumped from the stairs and into the vast kitchen.
Oh sorry mind my manners. I am Sky Namami. I am currently 13 and am going to attend Angel Cross Academy. The academy is a private rich school which the students are put in three categories.
The "C" class students are the lowest ranking of all students. They have the regular classes. The students in the"C" class also have to wear the usual school uniform and must eat at the school cafeteria.
The "B" class students are middle rankingof all students. They can choose what they want for their school uniform and are allowed in the secret hanging garden. They also can enjoy the food at the fancy cafeteria which has class into it.
The "A" class are the top ranking of the entire school. They their own personal room for studying and doing tests. They are allowed anywhere in the school grounds and are the ones lower class ranking show the greatest respect too. So they technically rule over the school.
I'm currently in the "C" class. I don't mind being the "C" class but I wouldn't mind being in the"B" class. I've been working for the school to get points to be in the "B" class which every person in the "C" class even me thinks the "B" class is almost as great as the "A" class.
Well back to the story.
" Good morning." said Ryoka, my mother or atleast my mother right now.
I got a large amount of rice and set it down on the table. My mother gave the fresh bacon, eggs, and steamed vegetables on to the table. I immediately dived for the food feeling terribly hungry.