Reading my last entry, you may have, understandably, been mistaken in thinking that I absolutely detested the idea of being anything but single. What I hate is people making assumptions about your situation, and assuming that all single people must want to escape that status as quickly as possible.
Now, I honestly was happy in singleton-land. Doing your own thing, free to do what you like, nothing to worry about...and I was definately not out to get a boyfriend. Thing is...when you happen to bump into someone you really do get along with, and suddenly, rather surprisingly, find yourself perfectly, completely happy just curled up on the sofa together, watching repeats of 'Friends'...that's really quite nice too.
It was strange - I was out a little while back, and a friend, A, dragged me and this guy together (quite literally). Me and S then got talking about A's spectacular lack of subtlety, and suddenly found that we got on really well. One thing led to another and, well, I've discovered how nice rubbishy evening TV can be when you have company.
Especially company that calls you beautiful.
Gah - how soppy of me.