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Scorn-san's Journal
Everything you could ever imagine me writing about.
A monster in me
Scorn laughed looking down at her hands. "I'm a monster to them then?" She asked Kabuto who watched her silently. "A dog of war. The Angel of Death who thrives on violence and war." She laughed again feeling betrayed. But then again she hadn't expected total acceptance. She just wanted to feel like she was wanted and amongst her own kind for once. "A dog of war... My a**. This dog of war just saved there city single handedly and all they can say is I'm a god damn monster?" She laughed again this time her normal callous bitter laugh. "Well who needs them aye? I was their prodigy. Their pride and joy I was going to lead them but perhaps they are no longer worth leading. Come Kabuto, I doubt this will be the last clan that will need my help."
Scorn smirked pushing off the tree she was leaning on walking down the path, her stride hindered by a slight limp.
"Could you at least let me heal that?" Kabuto asked running over to her side.
Scorn laughed again and he already knew his answer. "No Kabuto. Save it for later we have more pressing matters ahead. Besides what kind of monster would I be if I couldn't take pain?"
"Your taking this to seriously, Scorn. Let me heal you." He demanded and Scorn turned on him growling, feathers fluffed up.
"For years I've been waiting to take my birth right and regain my homeland. Now that I finally have this ring upon my finger they find it fit to call upon me to help them and in exchange take back our lands and they call me a monster now? How could I not take this seriously? Ragnhall is a b*****d of a king and will not be stopped we need all the help we can get to take out his army and they won't help because the person to lead them is a monster. " She growled again and turned away from him walking down the pathway. "If we don't stop Ragnhall now there will be no stopping him he will break the people's hope. They will not have a will to fight and those that do will be exterminated. So tell me again how could I not take them seriously?" She asked her wings twitching in annoyance.
"Because your not a monster your anything but, your calm and strong, beautiful and you can lead thousands and make decisions quickly and effectively. Scorn you are the most brilliant person I know and though your scary when pissed off your not a monster." Kabuto said resting a hand on her shoulder.
Scorn turned and looked at him with a slight smile. "Thank you but we still have to move and walking is getting us no where fast." She said picking him up and taking to the skies happy to see he was enjoying himself. "See you can still fly though you have no wings."
"Aye, Scorny, aye." He said closing his eyes and putting out his arms enjoying the air flying past his face and through his hands.

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