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Being A Teenager Is FUN!!!! (Not!)
Life is a whore =.=
More Interesting Boy Things and Life Stuff O.o
So yup. I decided what I'm gonna do; Say no to the senior that's been asking me out for the past week (donotwant) and try to talk to and get a little closer to Pokey. Though I really don't need a boyfriend (and I'm also starting not to want) at the moment I'm just sorta trying people out I guess. Not like, dating a bunch of guys that would be stupid ._. I'm just taking the time to get to know people. Because I'm not one of those people that feels like they need a boyfriend ALL THE TIME (there are people like that all over Cali) and I never want to be. Being single is also easier. Boyfriends just stress me out .__. I prefer to be single.

Okay so I finally told that senior no and he tells me that so long as I'm single he won't give up on pursuing me and will try to make me like him... WTH? That's sweet... But at the same time kinda creepy, and I'm maybe also a little mad at him for being that way. Is that okay? I didn't tell him how that made me feel though. Because then he wouldn't give me all the attention that he does User Image I'm such an attention whore... LOVE ME

Anyways, getting off the boy topic, I think I'm actually starting to really hate processed/fast foods! I mean, I'm an American. You think "American" and you think "Watashi hamburgar suki!"(I like hamburger!) but no. Isn't that amazing? For the past couple of days I can't stand the thought of eating fast & processed foods! Though... At the same time, I've started to get this terrible constant want for pie and cake... Damn... I thought I was on the right track...

But there's never pie OR cake in my house and it's not like my parents go out just to buy pies or cake mix D: So for now I won't explode into a lumbering lard sack... Hoo-ray!~ : D

On a side note, this song, LOVE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LMVJ2xd1g8

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