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Rose's little Avatar Journal
I was thinking about posting some of my avatars that I had through my 2-year old Gaia life :) Enjoy! ^_^
Rose's little Avatar Dairy
So, I thought that I should post my past avatars here smile I might add a little comment about them also wink Enjoy!

1.User Image I remember this one xD This one was my first after the starter clothes. Very ugly lol I remember when I saw one of my friends avatars, You know who you are wink , and I remember thinking that I thought 'That's very ugly, and why is it only me that looks normal? gonk '

2. User Image I remember having this one in Halloween 08. And I remember tekteking it also xD Well, I tried to look less normal wink Still looks like s**t ^_^;; The lusty Scoundrel was probably my first valuable item, I remember buying it for 7500.. I miss the old prices gonk

3.User Image I don't remember the whole outfit, but it was smething like this smile I got my second valuable item(s), Wonderland and Magical Girl smile Still don't like it xD I also remember having this in Bass'ken Lake in zOMG! by the Outlaw puppies x'D

4. User Image I remember this one smile I really liked it, I still do wink I also remember having it when I met a friend of mine, who helped me in OA in zOMG!. I also remember a girl asking what the hat was called xD

5. User Image I remember having this one also wink And I remember liking it..Very much xD, Don't like it now though =/ And it's actually supposed to sit down and hold the umbrella but Tektek won't let you do that =/ But, I think I had it from May 09-September 09 or something xD I told you I liked it..before whee

6. User Image This was my Halloween 09 avatar o-o' Didn't hav much taste even then xD Hmm.. It's better than the other Halloween avatar that's under though wink

7. User Image I had this one also as a Halloween avatar xD I think I got a better 'taste' in avatars during the shift of the year sweatdrop This is just plain. Ugly.

8. User Image This was my Christmas avatar x'D It looked alot better when I added the green socks and the pico's shoe clips/bows smile I also remember that I was very happy that I finally got Picolitrosso's Urn smile ^_^ Self-Bought-Christmas-Present wink

9. User Image This one is also plain and serious ugly. smile Yes, I'm very judging in my avatars, but I do find it entertaining to look at my previous avatars, no matter how long or how short time it was since I wore them wink

10.User Image Only number 10? O-o' Well, I think I've forgotten a few, and also, I do not count all of the 'I Am' poses that I've been wearing wink But, I do like this one. smile I got the idea for this one when I saw someone in the forums who was wearing some of the items. (But of course, I made it more 'Rose' style smile )

11. User Image This one was..Okay..I still don't like it much though sweatdrop

12. User Image Hmm..I actually like this one x'D I hate pink, so I'm quite proud of myself that I managed to make a pink avatar. smile And yes, Squirrels are adorable wink

13. User Image This is probably one of my avatars that I'm most proud of. smile I really liked how I layered everything xD Even if it took an hour to make it... I've always liked layering, and this was the first one that I made. smile

14. User Image Hmm.. This one was also Okay. Don't like it to much sweatdrop But I do love the hair smile

15. User Image I actually liked this one smile But I didn't fully remember the whole outfit..Heck, it was about 3 days ago that I had it on xd

16. User Image Oh, yes, I really like this one wink But the Pico's pants won't layer over Underground Sound on tektek though =/

Well, I'd like to hear what you think. smile Better, worse? Do I look the Same? eek
Personally, my favorites are; 13,15 and 16 wink

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