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Syris's Stories
A log of my many stories for your own personal reading enjoyment, with many imputs from my personal life.
Syris's Stories


This particular story is the first chapter to my Zelda Story. The book currently remains un-named, but I hope, nevertheless, you enjoy it!

Chapter One

Open ears could hear softly, the cry of the snow birds. This signaled the rise of the sun, but more importantly, a new day. The pink orb of fire rose from the east, fighting back all of the shadows cast by darkness. Though, In its own way, the sun cast its own shadows, stretching their tendrils in a westerly direction.

Link admired the sun’s ability to fight such a black doom. Its ability to cast away all of the shadows around him, and to bring forth the light he needed, to complete his ride.

He was headed north, past the vast, green, rolling hills of Hyrule, and through the tall grass below. His destination was none other than Hyrule castle, and for many reasons known only to whom summoned him.

His light brown hair, which was very long, running down to the low point of his neck, fluttered through the wind, as he sped across the field. His horse, Epona, who was very full of life, and eager to reach their destination, ran with the speed of ten men. Her white mane, which normally rested on her golden red body, was full of life, and danced on the breeze. She had an essence of life in her. Link treated her as if she were more than a mere animal. To him, Epona was a person. A human.

Link could see the castle walls rising from the top of one of the hills, as he crossed it with great speed. Its large fortress, constructed of a very fine, expensive, and obviously sturdy marble, glimmered in the sunlight. From the top of the walls, he could see the vague outline of Hylian Soldiers, lined across the rim. Behind them however, was an even greater treasure to behold. The great, and famous Hyrule Castle was inside this large marble fortress, and he, alone, had been summoned to ascertain an audience there.

Epona galloped, her step showing signs of glee. Glee that she could finally rest her tired hooves. The ride was very extensive, almost a full two days worth of running. She knew that once she entered those large marble walls, she could rest.

Link, on the other hand, revealed himself to be nervous. It had been three long years since he had been anywhere near Hyrule Castle. Ever since he left this kingdom, he had remained in a silent, yet prospering village far to the east, known as Meliton. The village, known only for its vast fishing resources, had kept link company since his departure from Kokiri Village.

Link thought to himself, many thoughts. Thoughts of what he would say to her. Would she remember him? Of course she must have a vague memory or she wouldn’t have wrote him the summon, however, would she remember who the real link was? Would she recall the time they spent together?

One way to know for sure I suppose…’ He thought, him and his horse approaching the large, wooden drawbridge which led into the city’s interior. Two guards stood on either side of the drawbridge, their silver armor, which was custom attire for a knight, gleamed in the sunlight. Their weapon, which was a large spear, sharpened to perfection, stood straight, at their sides.

As Link and Epona reached the Bridge, they were stopped by the guards. The one on the left, who seemed exceptionally larger than his counterpart located on the right side, spoke to link with a booming voice that signaled authority.

‘’State thy business here foreigner!’’ The knight demanded.

Link dismounted his trusty Epona, and reached into his green tunic. He pulled out a parchment, which was rolled up tightly. He handed the scroll to the knight, who unrolled it, and read the print silently.

Link had received the letter two days ago. He was out on the local Meliton fishing dock, his rod cast into the clear liquid when the postman arrived with the letter. It was addressed to, ‘Link of Meliton’ and was from a very unspecified audience. ‘The citizens of Hyrule.’

At first, when Link first say the return address, he assumed it would be none other than the current leader of Hyrule, King Hakrinian VI, though upon reading what was held inside, he knew immediately it was none other than her…


We, as a whole in Hyrule, are in your dept exceedingly, though we must ask for your assistance one last time. Please, when you find the time to reach us, come to meet me in the courtyard, near the crystal fountain. Ill be waiting.

Yours Truly,
Princess Zelda Hakrinian

The guard finished the letter rather quickly, and granted the young hero passage into the marble guarded city. Link dismounted from his trusty steed, Epona, and simply led her through the populated streets by her reigns. He knew, with the vast number of people located inside the walls, it would be much less strenuous to lead her rather than mount her. Many people stared as Link entered. His attire, Green tunic, was very uncommon among Hylians, or any race for that matter. Link, however, being in this city many times, many years ago, was used to stray stares. He was never one to blend into a crowd.

Moments passed, but link soon found himself at the large white gate, which led into the private area of the Hyrule Castle Grounds. At the gate, stood another guard. He wore the same armor as the guards found at the drawbridge, however one item was distinctively different.

The knight’s spear, which was currently resting on the gate, was golden. On its side were many markings from the ancient lost language known today as Elder Hylian. Link wasn’t sure if anyone would ever know the true meaning behind the ancient spear’s engravings.

The knight, much like the ones found at the city’s entrance, stopped the traveler, and said the same phrase.

‘’State thy business here foreigner!’’

Link assumed they were all instructed to say that line.

He reached into his tunic pocket once more, and pulled out the same letter that he revealed to the previous knight in arms. The man read it interestingly, and nodded.

‘’You may Proceed.’’ He said. The knight walked over to the center of the gate, and opened the silver bars, allowing Link and Epona to enter the castle grounds. Link led his horse through the gates, and heard the bars close and lock behind them.

As Link proceeded up the large stone path that led to the castle’s courtyard, he was ordered by a Hylian soldier along the way, to leave his steed in the Royal stables. Link, though upset, complied, and allowed them to take Epona from his grasp.

This, though annoyingly impolite, didn’t halter link from persuing his objective. He knew what awaited him when he arrived to the courtyard. She would be there, and Link wished for nothing more than to see his friend again.

While walking the path, Link took time to admire the castle itself. Its body was made of marble, similar to that found on the large walls that encased the city, though they were polished. He could tell this castle was a large task to upkeep.

The roof of the castle was made of a red marble, that almost looked like brick, though he could see the difference in the color, and size. He also noticed the many towers that stretched from the castle’s base. He tried to count them all, though he lost track many times. He settled with himself that the number was between 16 and 18. Awe struck him as he thought that over. It must have cost a fortune to build such a structure. So many rupees…

Lost in his thoughts, Link almost didn’t realize that he had arrived at the castle’s courtyard. He was too preoccupied with how the structure was designed. The only thing that woke him from his trance, was the call of a soothing, warm, and familiar voice. Its caller was none other than Zelda, who was leaning on a stone pillar. She was dressed in a white dress, with pink trim. Her hair was loose, and fell to her waist. Her blue eyes radiated from the sunlight. On her neck, was a blue, sapphire necklace. He knew this necklace well. It was known as Nayru’s Tear.

Legend tells that the goddess of wisdom, Nayru, shed this tear once she saw how turmoil the universe had become. The royal family caught the stone tear in a goblet, and had it forged into a royal heirloom.

Zelda smiled, when she saw her hero returning to her once more. She stood up straight, and began to speak.

‘’Link.’’ She said, her voice full of ease.

‘’Princess.’’ He replied, silently taking a bow and lowering his gaze from hers. ‘’What events have caused you to summon me?’’

Zelda walked over to the hero, and helped him up from his knelt state. ‘’Ill explain momentarily, but come. Let us go inside, shall we? I must discuss these matters to you in private.’’

Link nodded, and allowed Zelda to lead the way to their ‘Private’ location. Zelda led the boy inside the castle, and through the many hallways of the large buildings interior. Soon, they arrived inside a large collection of novels, and tomes.

Many bookcases, stored with volume upon volume of parchment, stood, towering above, and all around Link and the Princess. Link knew immediately, that Zelda had led him to the Castle’s Library. Though, Link had been in the Library many times before. This looked nothing like the Library he knew.

‘’This isn’t the public Castle Library.’’ Zelda stated, as if she knew links thoughts. ‘’My father ordered a group of prophets to gather many sacred books, and store them here, in hiding. This is the largest collection of ancient knowledge known to man. It is known as the Royale Library.’’

Link nodded, observing the giant bookcases. ‘’And why have you chosen this location for us to mingle?’’ He asked.

‘’There is a book here I thought you should see.’’ Zelda said, walking to the war north of the library. She picked up a large green book, and placed it on one of the many wooden reading tables.

Zelda sat in front of the book, and Link, on the opposite side of her, his expression full of confusion. The princess immediately noticed his befuddled look, and began to explain why she had called him to this location.

‘’I summoned you because I need your help Link. I have been researching this library for some time, on information about the seal of the sages. Unfortunately, most of the ones I found of interest were written in Elder Hylian.’’

Link nodded, gazing at the green book. ‘’And?’’ He asked.

‘’Three days ago, I came down here while my father was asleep, and found this.’’ She turned the book around, so link could read the title.

‘’The book of Mudora?'' Link asked, Puzzled.

I have finished this entry, and will continue it later on. I hope you enjoy what I have so far...

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