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just random poems
Role-Play Sample
Kyanah crouch low to the ground, her head dipped, her eyes closed. A soft rumble was felt in her feet so she put one hand on the ground to see if she could tell more about it with the more sensitive parts of her palm. The rhythmic pattern was familiar, almost like a horses hooves pounding on the earth, but bigger much bigger. Her head snapped up as she heard the faint thudding slowly growing louder as the creature neared her. Time was of the essence now and she had to act fast or her opportunity would cease to exist. She leaped high into the trees above her, jumping from the lower branches to gain a higher perch. This beast was huge, she didn't really need to worry about getting too high above it, she had to worry more about being too low and it crushing her. As she neared the smaller branches at the top of the trees she saw it, a large horse-like being with a ghost white mask. It was still a ways off, not yet reaching the edge of the trees a few yards away. She hid among the leaves so that it wouldn't see her, or she hoped it wouldn't. The large creature stopped suddenly at the very edge of the forest having caught her scent, "Great," she muttered angrily to herself and charged forward, springing from tree to tree. The beast stood waiting for her, breathing heavily from its run, drool dripping from an angry mouth. Kyanah lunged, finally reaching the edge of the trees herself, her form flying through the air above the great monster hoping to defeat it in a single strike. She was halted mid-air, however, as the beast reared back and kicked her square in the chest causing her to fly back into the trees heavily wounded. The young woman groaned as she hit a large trunk and slid to a stop on one of the tree's larger branches. Barely conscious she saw another form arrive, a familiar one this time. "Captain," she whispered as she fell into the darkness of unconsciousness.

Falcon on the Fly
We may scream forever
But you will never hear
Sadness cried out to her
The same as sorrow and fear
Our lives have become empty
She will leave us soon
Never did you show pity
As was written by the rune
A source of power grows deep
Into the earth we search
But the path is forever steep
The bottom a demon's perch
Our hands and feet grow bloody
As we try to find the cure
So that she cannot leave us already
For her heart is pure
Deep within the earth we'll find
What she needs to be saved
Hopefully it will be the kind
That on the rune was engraved
Her symbol of power
Old as the sky
The eagle upon the tower
And the falcon on the fly
If we find it soon her life will be spared
It was written by the rune
We will never again be scared
When sickness comes again
We can always fight it
And from evil we will refrain
To save our loved ones from it


Deeper and deeper into a slumber


Filled with horrors of our world


Dim and in the background


Lifts from the ground and swallows the scene


Surges through your veins


Purges weakness from your limbs


A light in the distance grows


Builds your senses beyond their peak


Your body begins to move and fight


Summoned from within your heart


Darkness stands no chance


Fading darkness is drained by light


What you're seeing and wanting


Made impossible by your strength


Is what powers us through the dark


Longing that will never fade

(still can't find a better name.)

Fighting to be a Lover
Fighting to be a Lover
Tuesday, October 13, 2009
From deep inside my mind
Memories tug at my consciousness
A string of hope i must again find
The single strand I chose is this
A feeling so deep inside my being
I had forgotten it was there
The memory has left my heart singing
Words come to me from nowhere
Melodies burst forth from my lips
Soft and sweet on morning air
The sadness from my heart it rips
And all I had to do was stare
Strange thoughts fill my mind as I think of you
Nothing like I have ever known before
After all of the darkness I think I finally came through
Thinking of this all I want is more
Fighting memory and fear
To finally feel this strange feeling
It is strongest when you are near
Making my whole being begin to sing
Falling deep once again
But this time not into the dark
Thought and memory become clouded and forgotten
As the light in my life you did spark
Freedom now stands before me
Unlike so many years where it was out of reach
The strings of my heart you set free
Now to spread my wings and fly from the words they preach
Come take my hand
You can fly away with me
We won't have to touch land
Until we are where we want to be

Finally Free
Day is ending in this magical place
We sit there side by side on the soft grass
As the last colors of the sunset fade away into the deep blue of night
Darkness slowly creeps up on us
But we are not afraid of the dark
In fact that is exactly what we are waiting so patiently for
The silver white light of the moon begins to shine softly upon us
It's pure light giving everything a beautiful glow
Myriads of stars shine brightly above our heads
The full moon's glow makes it nearly as bright as day
But we know better, we are creatures born of the night
Shadows dance playfully about us
Their soft voices calling for us to join them
We easily give in to them and our bodies begin to move
Dancing to a beat so ancient and entrancing
Our feet must move across the soft grasses
Winds conduct this most ancient orchestra
Leading the leaves to play the one song most prized
The rustling beat so soft and smooth
We must be silent or we cannot hear it's glorious sound
Sweet smelling grasses flow gently below our bare feet
Then the ancient lyrics begin to be heard
The voices of all the insects and animals sing in the tongues of the ancients
We do not understand their words but the meaning is clear
The voice of the wind sings the loudest above our heads
And the earth hums softly below us
The message is loud and clear in our ears
"You are forgiven, now dance freely!"
It plays forever on the winds that surround us
And is imprinted into our eternal memory
It's power ringing on for an eternity
This single phrase now spoken
The life long curse is broken
So now we dance forever
Bathed in the moon's silver light

(rereading this poem I have found that it can have so many more meanings than the original one)

In truth we see
By sun's last light
The day that's past
The life to bring
Our morning's gone
To winter's land
Night to come
A dreaded plan
Sing your song
Dance your life
There's only one day
So dance till night
Bring in dawn before the dusk
Be the summer
Where winter rules

(If you can actually understand what this means, you have made a great accomplishment)

Moon Hope
The moon is hope
Like the moon
Hope waxes and wanes
At times completely disappearing
Like the new moon
But afterwards it comes back
Ever so slowly the bright light again graces the night sky
Then after a time
The light becomes bright and full again
And we no longer need the hope
So it fades away
Until, once again it is gone completely
And that is when we need it
So it grows again
And it goes on and on
For every person in all the world
The cycle of hope
And the cycle of the moon
Are one in the same

Saving Light
My eyes open
To the blinding light
Someone stands before me
In the darkness where I live
Not an angel as you may think
But a savior of the earthly kind
The light in the dark
Hope hidden in despair
All can see him
But only I see the light
My hope and my reason
The only purpose for me to live
Yet it was only a dream
I will never find him
Forever I will live in darkness
For an eternity will I fall?
No hands come to grab me up
Only to pull me down
Down into my own mind the prison made by me
The only one I cannot escape alone
In darkness and despair
The heavy weight presses down
On mind, body, and spirit
Smashing me to oblivion

The Bird and the Kitten
A caged bird sings

Beautiful melodies filling the air

Graceful wisps of longings

Notes that flow so far

A newborn kitten mews

Such a soft cute sound

It's voice bringing the news

The circle of life still moves around

A whisper is heard on the wind

Furiously I wake from this dream

Knowing it could all be true

Hearing the bird and kitten scream

As death again becomes new

Furious gales whip what tries to stand

This cleansing in nature's form

Winds batter and break the cage

Setting the song bird free

It tries to fly in nature's rage

And lands in the old oak tree

The mother cat cries in fear

Needing to protect the newborn life

From my eye falls a single tear

As I watch their mortal strife

Winds crash through with hurricane force

Bashing that old standing oak

No longer can it withstand and it aims its course

Falling to where the kitten last spoke

Weary Taveller
A weary sigh upon my chest
Long and forgotten at its best
Mine is gone long ago
Forever weeping sad and slow
Tears run rampant down my cheeks
I can't stop them, not for weeks
Tired winds howl at my door
But I don't listen to them anymore
A fearsome creature I have become
In this darkness my heart is numb
A forest far away waits for me
But alas the way I do not see
Fear torn skin lays at my feet
Light long past as death I greet
Tiny holes seen through dead man's eyes
Silver thoughts pass as the last part dies
A vein of terrible misery
As blood flows freely from me
Torn and battered I lay down to rest
I cannot stand i've done my best
The last battered breath escapes my lips
And I remember those fateful trips
Journeys to lands so far away
Though it is there I wish I could stay
Forever roaming wild and free
that was the life I wanted for me
But alas my journey has ended
My heart still far from mended
Beaten I lay dying at death's beautiful door
Until I saw you and life I wanted more
I stood once again to see the sight
It was so hard it took all my might
But my beaten body rose as I had hoped
And for your hand, my hand groped
Until you pulled me up to my feet
And to life's light I am once again able to greet
A tired beaten me held tight in your arms
And past mistakes are forgotten harms
Safe and sound I roam again
But not alone, I roam with my friend
Two weary travelers are we
But a smile is shared between you and me
One so promising of the next day
That "I love you" is the only thing I can say
Though the words don't express what it is I feel
Because it was my heart that you did heal
Not an easy task to do
Many have tried but the only one to succeed was you

Kya Akai Kitsune
Community Member
Kya Akai Kitsune
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