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perfectly toasted
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I guess I just felt the need to address the recent events that have happened here in the US. More specifically, I wanted to talk about the teens that felt that taking their lives was the only form of escape. It’s sad that a country like ours is so advanced from what it used to be only 100 years ago and yet more than half of the population doesn’t have the decency to teach their children that it’s okay to be different and instead encourage blatant, violent alienation. I will never understand the satisfaction someone would get out of putting another human being down so much that they drive them to contemplate and attempt suicide. I will never understand why someone can’t just accept that others are different and move on. These are real people we’re talking about. These are real feelings that are being hurt, real minds that are being warped from all the hatred and real conclusions that are drawn from depression that tell a child they aren’t good enough to be alive or to be happy.

Even as I write all this, there is probably so many other teens out there that are close to ending their lives right now. If my words could reach them, I would hope it would help them step away from that ledge, let go of that trigger or cut that rope. But I know I can only reach a meager audience that either feels the way I do, or disagrees completely. I know there are places that are trying to help and are trying to save innocent lives, but somehow they aren’t reaching a good majority of teens in time. Or perhaps those children are too scared to ask for help because they feel nothing good can come from opening up to a stranger. I know I can’t help everyone on my own, but I just hope that someone who is in pain will read this and understand that there is help. Someone cares about you, even if you’ve never met them before and they want you to overcome this oppression. Ending one’s own life is a decision you can’t take back and it’ll only prevent you from getting that help you deserve.

You are worth something. You mean the world to someone out there, no matter what you may believe now. Just like so many others have said, things will get better. It’s a promise I can only make if you promise you will stay on this earth. Even if you aren’t gay, lesbian or transgendered, if you feel hopeless and scared that nothing will change, I promise you it will. Just stay a little longer here. Turn a deaf ear to the insults and pain and torture and look for help. It’s out there and they will do everything in their power to make sure you’re taken care of so that you will never feel hopeless again. It’s a tough road to get lost in, but there is a way out. A healthy way out that involves so much love and support. Why deny yourself that wonderful feeling of being accepted? It’s real, I promise.

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