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Journal/Poetry/Art I write about my life i put poetry and art in here because its a big part of my life

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Torn between emotions

Getting torn to pieces,
By the thing I crave most,
How do I know if it’s real?
How do I know if it will stay?
Why is it the one moment I am happy,
And the next I am spiraling into depression,
Is it because the thing I crave most is something I fear?
I only find more questions with my answers,
Will I ever truly be happy?
Will I always crave this thing that’s tears my heart and soul apart,
Will the questions ever stop?
Is there still hope for me?
Will love always bring me pain, or will I finally be happy?
I think I crave the love but yearn for pain,
You cannot have love without pain,
But I would rather love then feel this heartache,
I’m getting torn between emotions,
Should I stay or should I go,
Should I love or should I hate,
Should I fall for your lies or live life without you?
Either way I’m always dead,
Getting torn between emotions is worse than death,
You can feel every moment of this pain and sorrow,
You can feel your heart breaking at the seems,
You were suppose to heal me not break me,
But you will pay and you will see,
That I am the best you will ever have,
The best you will ever know,
The best you will ever love,
But I’m torn between emotions,
And I have finally learned,
That I’m better off on my own than to waste my time on you.

-stephanie z

Just another broken heart

Just another broken heart to add to the collection,
Another restless lifetime without you,
Another day goes by as my life begins to fade to nothing,
Another day goes by where I am nothing without you,
Just another day of struggling trying to catch my breath,
Trying to pick myself back off the ground like you never did,
You just left me there and let me fall,
How much longer will this keep going on,
This endless amount of pain,
I am to the point where I have no more tears to cry,
No more blood to bleed,
I am just a soul that wonders this earth,
Forever invisible,
Forever dead,
And you will just be another heartbreaker,
Just another jerk I thought was the one,
Curse my heart,
That I forever wear on my sleeve,
Why do you hurt so much?
Why are you an easy target for those who love to cause pain?
Why do you love and trust easily?
Why do you get hurt so easily?
You are just another broken heart,
Getting weaker and weaker everyday,
You will never be able to be strong,
You will forever be nothing,
You will forever feel nothing,
But the pain of so many broken hearts,
The pain of having your heart on your sleeve,
When you said goodbye that day,
I was just another broken heart,
Another broken soul,
And you will forever stay that way,
So deal with it.

-stephanie z

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Community Member
Falling for your games

This is the last time I will fall for your games,
The last time I let you throw me around,
It’s like I don’t even know who your are,
Whether you loved me,
Or if that was a part of your game as well,
Making me fall deeply in love with you only for you to turn around and break my heart,
But today is the day where I draw the line,
I will no longer fall for your lies,
Fall for the things that once brought happiness into my life,
How do you have the heart to lie to my face?
To lie to the person who was always there for you,
The only person who will ever love you,
The only one who will ever understand you?
Or at least whom I thought you were,
One day you will see that no one can love you like I do,
But I won’t be there,
I wont be there to fall for your lies,
To fall for the game that you played with my heart,
For this is where I draw the line,
And end what once was and what will never be.

-stephanie z

All the same

No matter how hard I try,
It’s all the same,
I am never good enough,
No matter how many times I tell you,
It’s all the same,
You never believe anything I say,
No matter what I do,
It’s all the same,
I always do wrong instead of right,
No matter how hard I try to avoid,
It’s all the same,
I always get hurt and left behind with nothing but your scent and the memory as you walk straight out of my life,
No matter how hard I try to realize,
It’s all the same,
I am just not who they want me to be,
No matter how hard I try to be what they want,
It’s all the same,
And I will always just be me.

-stephanie z

Community Member

Community Member
My art
User Image
I did this one just a couple days ago

User Image
Something i did for gaia a long time ago

User Image
flowers that i did my freshman year of highschool

User Image
evil alice's cat i thought it would be cool to draw

User Image
My little devil

User Image
this is my rp character

User Image
emo bunny

User Image
depressing but true

User Image
i drew my friends avitar

User Image
my hairy family

User Image
my box people family

User Image
comic/dream avi thing

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