been a while since i wrote one of these so here goessssssss
wats going on in life? girls, games, and school
how am i doin? ok
got a hair cut -_-
i miss my mop

nothing else so im going to record my dream last night cause it was awesome.

"The Elite Zombie Dream"
It started out in a pitch black room. I was in an elevator going up. i could hear others near me and one says "please get us out of here"
the door opens and im weilding a m16, shotgun. and a five seven pistol.
We run out into the room and zombies start coming at us and i shoot crazily. one of the scientists ask wth is wrong with me cause on the floor below i was an expert shooter.
I calm down and start hitting these amazing head shots on the incoming zombies. The scientists didnt want to shoot the zombies because they were former friends so i had them reloading my guns as we went.
we continue going up through the levels of the facility. The elevator stops working so we continued through the stairs. once we got to the second floor there werent any zombies and it looked like we came out of a normal looking house. i start to look around for any weapons and reach upstairs unsuccessful.
I looked out the window and hear loud noises and the house began to rumble. A giant zombie spots me and throws one of the cars near it towards the house. It hurled the car about 70 yards! i ran to the back of the room and jumped. then i began using the rifle and shot its head many times but it wouldnt go down. it began to climb up the house so i pulled the shotgun out and blasted it 2 times straight in the face and it fell down to the ground. all of a sudden i heard screeching noises and grabbed the assault rifle. i ordered the scientists to run out the back towards the gate and climb over it as i held them back.
there were hundreds of zombies running and screeching at me. i threw a gernade which i have no clue where it came from. then i jumped on top of the fence shooting the closest zombies and started to run after the scientists. i couldnt find them down 2 blocks but saw them in a car trying to start it. i jumped in the car and asked y they couldnt get it running and they didnt know. i tried starting it but got startled as a zombie came to the window and banged against it. i shot it and started the car and said "its a manual dumbasses"
the zombies were right behind us as i sped up. then i noticed there was low gas.
i stepped on the gas as hard as possible trying to get away but the zombies kept up. There mentality was probably that their meal was getting away. we out ran a couple of the zombies then i decided it was best to kill the remaining.
i jumped out of the drivers seat and grabbed the rifle. crap i was down to the last two clips. once i finished killing the remaining undead, i told every one to keep their eyes open for a gas station. we found one with a couple zombies lieing around.
when we parked i decided to use my shotgun to conserve ammo on the rilfe and killed the zombies with head bursting shots. these head shots were amazing o.o the blood and guts flew like no other head shot. it was like fireworks