i`ve realized something. i`m the one complicating things.
why ? it`s not that big of a deal
to me it is ! i don`t wanna lose her.
you`re just thinking of excuses. you`re not going to lose her.
but what if something goes wrong ?
nothing will go wrong ! you`re just paranoid.
what if i try and it does go wrong ? what if we fight ?
what if you don`t ? what if everything goes great ?
i guess we`ll never know.
c`mon, try it. the worst that could happen is that it wouldn`t work out.
exactly ! what if that happens and we don`t talk to each other again ?
what if it doesn`t work out and you go back to being best friends ?
it wouldn`t be the same. we`re so close now and i don`t wanna lose that.
but --
stop it. just shut up. it`s all thought out in my mind and if you keep talking you`re going to ruin everything !
you know that little voice in the back of you`re head that speaks to you when you`re doing something wrong ?
i`m that voice.