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Crazeh moments...0-0 rawr!!!
About: meh... Description: well i like this and that...& ..wait..ITS ALL ABOUT MEH!!!!!! Main idea: GAWD I ALREADY SAID ITS ABOUT MEH!! DON'T U GET IT? ITS ABOUT MEH HOLLY CRAP PPL!!!
OK my parents were making me feel guilty and saying crap so i decided that going would be the only thing that would shut their traps so i went. =_= i'll get them for it later. So when we drove up my step brothers driveway i was wishing that i had never gone. When we marched through the wonderful entrance i looked down as ppl took hold of my hand to shake it or pulled me extra close to embrace me in a touchy...hug. Later i went to sit at a far end table and just watched the huge...HUGE!!!...tv screen...well not HUGE..but BIG tv screen...they had surround sound..and it shook the house and me with it. It was awesome i could feel it rumbling under my chair! I started fiddling around with my ipod and playing some music to keep me busy and looking "entertained" when i felt someone rubbing my shoulders. O_O i looked back and it was my "step grandma" wanting me to make a movie with the others. the only kids there were...Ashley 12/14 years old...Kristien 12/14 yrs old..see they looked alike so i couldn't tell who was who...then these two boys..one being Destineys brother whos 14 with his buddeh (Destiney=step brothers new wife) and these two little kids. Shirley and..IDK! but they were all cool and fun. It would have been better if MADDIE WAS THERE!!! (my best friend)...im going to get her for it some day...^_^ revenge is sweet! see i went to one of her family parties so now she has to come to one of mine lol.OK back to the story...(more like long a** story and wow..ur this far? u must love me or something!) so i said no. After a few minutes Ashley, Shirley, Kristien came over (probably by force by my "step grandmother"...-_-) to beg me to make teh movie with them i said no once more. after a few hours or minutes IDK!..we ate...my brothers a good cook! ^_^ hahaha so then....the kids went downstairs to make their movie. i was relieved!after a few minutes of the butt hurting chair i flopped down on a HUGE! bean bag and watched the superbowl. tis was fun! and with the lights dimmed it felt like u were at a movie theater only just with the exception of comfy, huge sized, bean bags ^_^ after awhile i felt this other lady...idk what she is to me so don't ask. she came and scared me from behind O_O she said we should go watch them make da movie. I said sure...cuz it would get them off my case for a bit and atleast i didn't have to be in it right?! so it was so freakin FUNNEH! ^O^ Shirley is about like 8 or 7 idk but she has small legs. so she would lay on the floor while Ashley/Kristien sat on top of her..idk i can't explain it!...but Ashley/Kristien would sit on her stomache and cover her knees with a blanket so it would look like she had Shirleys legs! then she would say a hiliarious chant!!! it went something like "One day i was sitting on the pot when i heard a knock knock knock at my door! i said EMILIA EMILIA EMILIA WONT U COME IN?! so then we talked about politics, smolitics, and mostly about US!" then when she would say "US" Shirley would pop up! it was so cute and funny! then "step gramps and grama" did it with shirleys legs it was hiliarious! Their huge bodies with her small legs! oh yeah and Shirley would kick them up and do stuff with them it was so much FUN! so then when there was a cermercial break we plugged in the cam and watched it! We laughed like hell!!! oh yeah while Brett (meh new step bro) was plugging it in..we all yelled at him.."COME ON GUACOMOLE GUY PLUG THAT BABY IN!!! MOVIE MOVIE MOVIE!" ..so yeah it was fun! after that..i got a ******** borin tour of the house...Destiney is like really creative! she made these tissue frames they are awesome she said she would teach me how to do it! so then oh YEAH! they have a ketteh named Mia! shes fluffy and cute! =^-^= after that...we had root beer floats...YUMMEE!! And after we left..so sad......i was begining to make friends with Ashley and Kristien! but yeah...Destiney and Brett act like teenagers thats y i love to hang with them! ^_^ yesh! but yeah tis was tons of fun! cant wait till next year! OH OH OH!!! and that lady that was singing at the begining of the superbowl...Destineys dad ran across the room and started acting like a little boy that was in love running his legs across the floor with his goofy smile..now THAT was a sight! ^_^ okeh..my step family isn't that bad ^^ well..Barbs side is (other grandmother..that i actually like) we call her OH BARB! and its on her license plate lol. i'll tell u about her later. O_O if u read this far...WHOA JU MUST LOVE ME TO WANT TO READ THIS LONG a** STORY! OH YEAH I LOVE U TOO!...

ppl who didn't let me down no matter how bored i was: Marcus <3
PPl who annoyed me:every ******** stranger
PPl who who..who..who..love me?...:idk if u read this..then..THX..not..get out of my life...O_O

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