well i dont know if this has happened to you guys, probably has but anywho. Well yeah so one day I'm sitting there talking to my friend Lexi, everythings going good and all. So then that usual question comes up... who do you like. So i just come out clean and say it cause she's ma friend and all.... Turns out the girl I liked, Scarlett, yeah I was gonna ask her out the next day. Then I find out that day, I walk into school and I see Lexi and Scarlett talking by my locker so Lexi runs to the bathroom and looks like she's hiding from me
so Scarlett didn't say anything to me cuz she's just been told by Lexi that I like her. Now everytime I walk up to Scarlett she gives me this questionable look and feels uncomfortable talking to me.
I feel like s**t emo . But its not like she just didn't like me
she was my bestfriend b4 she was told
and I was with her all the time
not like she was weirded out by anything either cuz she used to come
up to the mountains with me for a whole 2 weeks then a week after that we'd come home and she'd take me to the beach for 1week. So that happened every year and nothing weird went on
so yeah.....
I dont want to be sexist but whats this whole girl thing going on
that if your the first one to spread the word then you'll be really popullar for finding out and all and it sucks........