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the sacred book of silver the journal and life of... well... ME!!

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your personal jesus is here so- crap new south park!
peace and love

i wish i wish upon a fish
hey i think im going to the movies tomorrow if i can get some friends together to go with. so umm call me 373 4590. oh and lauren, whats your number? i kinda lost it

Community Member

Community Member
umm yeah
so yeah now im going out with arianna. and i think im going to the movies with lauren ben and anna tomorrow, anna might round up a couple more i think though

funny thing at lunch
okay so something really funny happened at lunch today

1st thing
me: *dips chip in hayes's salsa*
austin: *grabs salsa off of chip*
me: you a*****e *throws chip at him, splatters salsa on him* oh s**t dude!
austin: what the ********!?
teacher: whats going on?
austin: he threw a chip and got salsa on me.
me: no i didnt *starts laughing*
allyn: hes here illegally too.
*teacher leaves*
me: you cant hate me for my salsa throwing traditions
the joke is that im mexican

2nd thing
blake: *eating pizza*
shane: where'd you get that pizza blake?
blake: i got it from caleb
me: are you sure you didnt get it from the dumpster?
blakes black

during spanish
blake: dont hate me cuz im black
me: blake were going to settle this right now that your caramel not black ok?
blake: *starts laughing* alright

after school
me: *listening to mp3 player*
phil: let me see that
me: no
phil: cmon
me: hell no
phil: why not?
me: cuz i dont trust blacks with electronics
*everyone laughs*

too bad noone reads my journal...

Community Member

Community Member
*smacks forehead*
jeff its not long distance but do you not get the concept of not posting your phone number online... stare stare stare stare stare
whatever i'll just send my pirate crew after you
pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate pirate
anyways i got razorblade romance (HIM cd, rocks uber hard) and i got eMOTIVe by APC (also a good cd) i think my mp3 player might be getting a little full.

items mp3 player:
yoko kanno
franz ferdinand
mcr (3 cheers for sweet revenge)
soad (mezmerize)
papa roach (getting away with murder)
Him (razorblade romance)
and i think im gonna get an afi cd, i heard they're pretty good.

peace or annihaltion
Lord Silver Blade

for anyone who wants to hang out with me sometime or anytime
give me a call if you want my number than im me on worthless250
im usually on after 4:00 on some days of the week cuz i gotta ride my a** to the library, or if you want my number than look me up in the phonebook, bryan and cindy are ma parents names, i hope you guys know my last name

Community Member

Community Member
nothin ever happens
so anyways i broke up with muriel and am now going out with nicky(who is 100 times hotter than muriel) and i get to go to the battle of the bands today (if i figure out what time it's at) if you wanna come it's at the marion park today just look for me there. yeah so anyways, the xbox is totalled (and the only way i get a new one is with my own money) and i got the t.v. taken out of my room (uber grounded until we move into the new house which is in october) gimme a call people i'm uber bored

nothin new
i got three cheers for sweet revenge (my chemical romance)
i must say i like, me and muriel are now boyfriend and girlfriend, i went over to her house yesterday-oh and we've been together for three days lol. i need to bring a pick and post it some time. oh and lauren i kicked your a** at ddr at teh movies
bag-i won
some other song i cant remember-i won
afronoia-we both lost but i lasted longer than you

Community Member

Community Member
im at college for kids heh
i shouldn't even be on the internet right now, noone cares though. anyways...
[******** YOU HILARY CLINTON!! DUMB b***h! last night my mom took gtasa away from me cuz of that report on cnn or whatever, ******** hillary clinton. she's worrying about ******** gtasa, when there's a ******** game called playboy the mansion?! get your god damn priorities in line b***h, for god's sake if not playboy the mansion then worry about leisure suit larry, god im so ******** pissed at her, i hope she goes to hell! xbox broke too, and that was a huge pissed off point for me, so now we have to buy a new one. on a better note i get to go to planet x tonight with this really hot girl who likes me, her name is muriel. met her at c4k, im gonna impress her with my ddr skills-jeff knows how the process goes ask him lol-i need to practice ddri think i will tonight...oh yeah the ******** xbox is broken, anyways i'm building a custom ddr pad i built a box to put it in so it's like a hard pad, all i need is to put in the bar and plexiglass.

******** im pissed
Lord silver Blade

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