Finally, I have an outfit worthy of an espada, although Gin claims they don't have any long white coats in my size. I'll have to make do with this black bra thing as a top for now. But at least Gin finally let me have my sword back. It feels much better to be holding Yamibana.

One bad thing about this outfit: Grimmjow, the six espada, seems to have taken to me. He gave me some white cat ears to wear, but I'm not quite sure why. He seemed to be very amused when I actually put them on. Wait a minute, there's some writing on the underside of the band. "Property of. . . Grimmjow Jaegerjaques!?!"

I doubt Aizen-sama employs headless arrancar, so I'm pretty sure there will soon be an opening in the espada. Anyone want to be number six? All queries should be sent to Aizen-sama. I have. . . things to do.