srry i forget anway my day on monday was suckish cuz we had to take exams and this annoying guy name chris hays kept tripping me and i got into a fight with my friend and gave her a black eye and got detiton sukz right today wuz way better i got my taks scores back (if ur in texas) and i got all passed so i dont have a block class and lose a elective but my friend that i fought with told are assitant princple and now im so pissed at her!?!?!?! anway here is a poem i made ish enjoy biggrin :
darkness shines through light and day
it feeds us when were hungry
i fills us when we are lonly
it gives you power and feel like nothing can stop you
it allways overcome light
it picks us up when we fall
so rember by demon brother and sisters
darkness allways shine befroe light

like it? xD