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1. How much gold do you have right now?-33,689
2. How much gold would you like to have?-A FAFILLION
3. Do you think you'll finish this quiz?-NO
4. Why are you doing this quiz?-BORED

Kikie_179's Quiz
5. Do you have a dream avi?-YES
6. Are you questing for anything?-LOTS
7. Do you like gaias layout?SURE
8. Do you like gaia?UMM...KINDA WHY I'M HERE
9. What's your favorite gaia game?-DUNNO
10. Do you go on forums much?-YES
11. Have you donated anything before?-HELL NO
13. What's your favorite food?-UHHH
14. What's your favorite course at a meal?-ANYTHING BUT BREAKFAST
15. What's your favorite beverage?-HAWAII PUNCH
16. What's your favorite letter?-L

Kikie_179's Quiz
18. Black or White?WHITE
19. Black or Yellow?BLACK
20. Demonic or Angelic?-DEMONIC
21. Tv or Computer?-COMPUTER
22. i-pod or mp3 player?-IPOD
23. i-pod or cd-player?-IPOD
24. Animation or Cartoon?CARTOON
25. Beach House or Island retreat?-READING ON THE COUCH
26. Donator or Slot Jackpot?-JACKPOT
27. Las Vegas or Las Angeles?-LA
28. New Zealand or New England?-NE
29. Australia or America?-AMERICA
30. Superhero or being normal?-HOW ABOUT BEING AVERAGE INSANITY?
31. Gold or items?ITEMS
32. Girl or Boy?-I AM A GIRL

Kikie_179's Quiz
33. Are you famous?-*snorts*FOR BEATING MY ENTIRE DRILL TEAM AT DDR
34. What color is your hair?-LIGHT BROWN AND DARK BROWN
35. Are you a boy or a girl?-...AS I SAID EARLIER...I AM A GIRL
36. Are you wearing a hat?-NO
37. Are you wearing socks?-YEA....
39. Do you like this quiz?
40. How old are you?-16
41. Are you happy with that age?-SURE
42. What time is it where you live?-8-14 AM
43. What continent do you live in?-NORTH AMERICAN
44. What's the most embarrassing movie you've ever watched?-???
45. Is this quiz earning you a lot of gold?hOW CAN i TELL?
46. What's the worst thing you've ever ate?-AROSE CON LECHE
47. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?-READ YOUR MIND
48. Are you sitting near a cactus?-WHAT THE HELL?
49. If you could redo any moment of your life what would it be?--TOO MANY INCIDENTS
50. what's the craziest thing you've ever done?-MITZI
51. Are you an animal person?-MORE THAN A PERSON,PERSON
53. How many pets do you have?-YOU b*****d!
54. What grade are you in?-GRADE A
55. Do you know what time-zone are you in?-PACIFIC
56. What's your favorite pop product?-YOU ALREADY-TCH...
57. What's your favorite flavor?-SANCHA AND RUCA> wink
58. Do you hate the dentist?-NO
59. Do you hate the doctor?-NO
60. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?-EWW NO
61. Are you wearing a hat?WHAT THE HELL?I ALREADY SAID NO
62. Have you ever had lice?-I DON'T THINK SO
63. Do you have a cellphone?-YES
64. Do you have any siblings?-AGAIN...I AM A BEANER
65. Does anyone beside you in your family go on gaia?-MY BIG BROTHER
66. Is this quiz long?-I WOULD ASSUME...
67. Is it long enough for you?NATURALLY
68. Do you like school?-SURE
69. Do you like homework?-ARE YOU CALLING ME A NERD?
70. Do you like your teacher(s)?-SOME
71. How many gaia accounts do you have?-1
72. Are you happy with that number?-IT GETS ME BY
73. Have you ever got gum stuck in your hair?-NO
74. Ever got gum stuck on your shoe?-NO
75. Ever get gum stuck on anything?-YES
76. Do you have a i-pod?-YES
77. Would you rather be a child or an adult?...HUH?
78. Is this quiz boring you to death?-A LITTLE
79. Is this quiz worth it?-WORTH WHAT?
80. Ever entered in the arena? Was it worth it?-NO
81. Do you have a trading pass?-YES
82. Do you have a shop?NO,
83. Do you like cookies?-OF COURSE
84. Do you like pickles?-NYEA
85. Do you like milkshakes?-YUPPERS
86. Do you like ice cream?-ONLY ONE FLAVOR
87. Ever had sushi?-YE
88. Ever had octopus?-NO
89. Do you drink alcohol?-EW NO
90. Are you a grammar freak?-NOT REALLY,I LIKE WORDS THOUGH
91. Would you consider yourself rich?-NO
92. Would you consider yourself poor?-NO
93. Do you keep up with gaia news?-TCH,RIGHT
94. Do you keep up with trends in fashions?- stare SERIOUSLY?
95. What's a tv show you watched when you were little?-TMNT
96. Do you like bugs?-NO
97. What's your most memorable quote?-I LOVE MY SANCHA
98. What's your most memorable moment?-MEETING MY FRIENDS
99. When's the farthest back you remember?-DON'T REMEMBER
100. What's your favorite book?-SKELLING
101. Do you like music?-IT'S KINDA MY LIFE
102. What's your favorite band?-TOO MANY
103. What's your favorite song?-I HAVE MANY
104. What's some of your must haves?-AIR,FOOD,WATER,JELLY BEANS
105. What career do you want to have when you grow up?-HAVEN'T DECIDED
106. Do you have a fireplace?-YES
107. What's the last thing you ate?-PIZZA
108. Do you go on gaia much?-UHHH
109. Does any of your friends go on gaia?-YEP
110. Have you ever sat on a cactus?.-. stare .YES,HAVEN'T WE ALL?
111. Have you ever even seen a cactus up close?-WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM WITH CACTUS?
112. Do you put salt and pepper on a lot of things?-NO
113. Do you like muffins?-YES
114. Do you like turtles?-NO
115. Do you like pizza?-IT'S PIZZA
116. What's the last time you had a trade?-*SHRUGS*

Kikie_179's Quiz
117. Post each emoticon in separate posts.-NO!
118. Post each letter in the alphabet in separate posts.-WHY?
119. Post each character in your username in separate posts.-NO!
120. Post each letter in GAIA in separate posts.-WHY?
121. Bump 10 times.-NO WAY!
122. Count down from 25.-OK

Kikie_179's Quiz
123. Have you ever made a petition before?-NO
124. What color shoes do you have?-BLACK
125. What's the brand name of your shoes?-CONVERSE
126. What career do you want to take on as an adult?-DUNNO
127. Have you had any dreams recently?-YES...WE DO THAT AT NIGHT SOMETIMES
128. Do you eat a lot of fast food?-NO
129. Do you like fast food?-NO
130. What's your favorite candy?TOO MANY
131. What's your favorite number?-(NONE UR BIZ WHAT AREA CODE)265-7701
132. What's your favorite season?-WINTER
133. What's your favorite holiday?-NATIONAL BALLOON DAY
134. Have you advertised this thread?-NO
135. Do you watch naruto?-USED TO
136. Do you watch Inyuasha?-USED TO
137. New or Grunny?-NEW
138. Offline or Online?-OFF
139. How or Where?-WHERE
140. Why or What?-WHAT
141. Are you earning a lot of gold?-I GUESS
142. Do you like chainletters?-GOD NO
143. Do you do chainletters?-NO
144. Do you make chainletters?-NO
145. Are you sad they removed the 'send to all friends' at the pm's?-NO
146. Have you ever owned a pet?-YES
147. Are you allergic to anything?-A FEW THINGS
148. What's the craziest question anyone's ever asked you?-<-----
149. Do you like reading?-YES
150. What's your favorite subject?-WORLD HISTORY
152. Twilight or Dawn?OH GOD,UM TWILIGHT
153. Starlight or Daylight?-STARLIGHT
154. Can you play an instrument?-YES
155. What's your favorite day of the week?-FRIDAY
156. Inside or Outside?-INSIDE
157. What's your favorite fruit?-STRAWBERRY
158. What's your favorite cereal?-I HATE CEREAL
159. What's your favorite veggie?-ALL OR NONE,CAN'T MEMBER
160. Light or Dark?-EMO QUESTION
161. Do you like bowling?-NO
162. What's your favorite flavor?-PEPPERMINT
163. Possible or Impossible?-IMPOSSIBLE
164. Plaid or Stripe?-STRIPE
165. Marker or Crayon?-MARKER
166. Pen or Pencil?-PENS
167. Friend or Foe?-FOE
168. Colored Pencil or Sharpie?-SHARPIE
169. What's your favorite thing to do on the computer?-TYPE
170. Are you a republican or democrat or independent?-I HATE POLITICS
171. Are you able to vote yet?-NO
172. How often do you go on gaia?-DUNNO
173. Are you active or inactive in gaia?-INACTIVE SOUNDS COOLER
174. What's your favorite website?-UHHH
175. What items are equipped on your avi?-TOO LAZY TO CHECK
176. What's the weather like where you live?-GLOOMY biggrin
177. What's the first thing you do in the morning?-WAKE UP
178. Are you wearing pajamas?-NO
179. Do you do pranks much?-NO
180. What's your favorite website? stare
181. How much tickets do you have?-NONE
182. How many junk items do you have?-I DUNNO
183. How many tokens do you have?-I DON'T KNOW
184. Have you ever invited any friends to gaia?-NO
185. Ever made your own thread on the forums?-YE
186. Ever tried out the gaia cinemas?-LAME
187. Do you go to the marketplace often?-YES
188. Ever tried to belly dance?-THE HELL?
189. Have you bought anything from the g-store?-NAH
190. What's your favorite day you like?-HUH?
191. What's your favorite tv station?-NONE
192. About how much gold have you earned so far from this quiz?NONE
193. Have you done the poll?-NO
194. Ever gotten on a black list before?-NO
195. Do you think the gold list is original?-WHAT?
196. What do you think of the quiz?-I DON'T
197. Do you think the name 'fanny' is funny?-NO
198. Ever wrote a novel?-YES..HARRY POTTER.EVER READ IT?
199. Is this quiz taking a while?-YES
200. Are you scared of clowns?-AM I?
201. Have you ever fainted?-YES
202. Smart or Popular?-ME
203. What question have you enjoyed the most on this quiz?-UHHH THE LAST ONE
204. Why are you still doing this quiz?-NOTHING TO DO
205. Do you own a house?-NO
206. Squares or circles?-SQUARE
207. Finish this sentence "Spiders are crawling up..."-MY SPOUT
208. What's the oldest person you know?-GOD
209. Did you know your on question 209?-NO,I WASN'T AWARE
210. Do you like needles?-....
211. Ever ate dog food? -LEAVE PLEASE arrow
212. What about cat food?-....
213. Ever gotten hacked?-LAME,NO
214. Do you like the hospital?-YES I DO
215. Ever bought anything from the g-store?.....
216. Sad you’re not done with the quiz yet?- crying
217. Are you scared of monkeys?-TERRIFIED
218. Ever create a successful thread?-NO
219. Do you like rpg?-SOMETIMES
220. Does the word 'old' mean anything to you?-CHEESE
221. Do you smoke?-NO
222. Do you drink?
223. Pick a random number 1-100. What number is it? (Remember that number!)
224. Do you think this quiz could go on forever?-NO
225. Are you a vegetarian?-NO
226. Are you a total carnivore?-NO
227. Are you on a laptop or computer?-2ND ONE
228. Do you still remember the number I asked you to pick before? (still remember the number)!
229. What's the most expensive item you have?-MY WII
230. Have you sent a gift before?-YES
231. Have you donated to me?-TCH.
232. Have you advertised this thread?-NO
233. Do you have any pets?-........
234. What's the last book you read?-NEW MOON
235. Did you know you have about 1000 more questions left?-NO,THNX FOR TELLING ME
236. Do you like cheese?-YEA
237. Do you like ramen?-I GUESS
238. What question is this?-THAT'S A TRICKY ONE
239. What do you like to put on your favorite food?-MY MOUTH
240. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?-6 BUX
241. Are you at home doing this quiz?-YES
242. What's your idea of the best day ever?-WAITING FOR MY RUUUUCA
243. Do you go to youtube?-YES
244. Have you pm'd me before?-NO
245. Remember the number before? Count from that number in separate posts.I CHOSE A MILLION SO NO
246. What's the greatest rip-off you've seen before on the marketplace?-NONE
247. Does your school have gaia blocked in the computer lab?-NEVER TRIED
248. What's the movie you are most embarrassed to admit you saw????
249. Silver or gold?-CHROME
250. Sky or Land or Water?-LAND
251. Dogs or Cats?-DOGS
252. Grunny or New?...........
253. Have you ever broken a bone?-YES
254. Have you ever been to a concert?-NO
255. Have you ever gone skinny dipping?-NO
256. Are you happy you got about 1/4 of this quiz done?-AWWWWW
257. What feeling are you feeling right now?-TIRED
258. Are you emo?-NO
259. Are you punk?-NO
260. Are you goth?-NO
261. Ever break a promise?-LOTS OF TIMES
262. Summer or Winter?-SUMMER
263. Spring or Fall?-FALL
264. Shorts or Jeans?-JEANS
265. What's your favorite gaia quest?-NONE
266. Do you like chocolate?-YES
267. Do you live with your mother?-NO
268. Have I ever repeated a question?-YES..YOU HAVE
269. Do you have ahsma?-NO
270. Do you have any kind of disease?-YES
271. What's your favorite default color?-SILVER
272. Is this the first quiz you've done before?-NO
273. Have you ever lied?-NO
274. Do you a pool?-I'VE NEVER A POOL
275. Do you or anyone you know live at a hotel?-ZACK AND CODY
276. Think of a random song. What song is it?-PINA COLLADAS
277. Do you drive?-NO
278. About how long has it taken you to get this far?-47 MINS
279. What is the item you use everyday or practically everyday?-BRUSH
280. When I say 'duck' what do you think of?-TAPE
281. When I say the word 'chicken' what do you think of?-WING
282. When I say the word 'pudding' what does it make you think of?-BILL COSBY
283. Do you live in the suburbs?-NO
284. Do you live in a big city?-NO
285. Do you live in the country?-NO
286. Do you live in a boring regular town?-NO
287. Have you ever been to a foreign country?-NO
288. Before you sat down at the computer, what were you doing?-FORGOT
289. Are you annoyed at beggars?-YES
290. What question number are you on?-HOW WOULD I KNOW
291. When I say 'ants' you think of?-UNDERP
292. Have you ever made someone else cry?-YES blaugh
293. Is this quiz annoying you?-YEEEEA
294. Using emoticons on gaia what are you feeling right now? neutral ninja cool
295. Have you done any other quiz's lately?-NO
296. Did you know by now I'm almost done typing the quiz?-NO
297. Vanilla or Chocolate?-VANILLA
298. What day is it today?-A GOOD DAY
299. What time is it right now?-TO EAT
300. How long have you been doing this quiz?-50 MINUTES
301. Do you play any sports?-YEA
302. What color is the sky?-GRAY
303. Are you rasist?-NO
304. Are you sexis?-NO
305. Do you have ADD?-NO
306. Do you have ADHD?-NO
307. Do you like bees?-DO YOU LIKE BEES
308. Are you chewing gum?-NO
309. Would you rather have your hair up or down?-UP
310. How much gold do you have now?-....
311. Do you remember the number you said earlier on in the quiz without looking?-NO
312. You and the opposite gender turn in a report written with the same things. (Who know's why) You get a B and the other person gets a A. What would you do?)-SAY YOUR WELCOME CUZ HE DID IT ON ME
313. For the question above did you answer kill them?-NO
314. Have you ever been hacked?-NO
315. What's your favorite question?-HOW MUCH?
316. Do you have an account on myspace?-YES
317. Do you have an account on youtube?-YES
318. Yay you’re on question 300! Are you bored yet?-ENTIRELY
319. Besides gaia what's the last website you were on?-MS
320. Do you like onions?-NO
321. What's your favorite quiz?NONE
322. By now do you have enough gold for what your questing for?-NO
323. How much more gold do you want now?-A FAFILLION
324. Do you pick your nose?-UMMM
325. Do you suck your thumb?-ERRR
326. Were you lying about the last 2 questions?-NNNNNN
327. Have you ever counted down from a million before?-NO,WHAT A LOOSER
328. Have you ever lied before?-NO
329. Were you lying about the last question?YES
330. Have you entered your avatar in the avi contest before?-NO
331. Have you ever entered your house in the house contest?-NO
332. Have you ever entered your art in the art contest before?-NO
333. When's the last time you took a vacation?-I UH...
334. Where was the last time you took a vacation at?-A BAKERY
335. What's the worst thing that ever happened to you?-....
336. Do you have a job?-NO
337. Do you like math?-NO
338. Are you failing anything?-NO
339. What grade are you in?-STALKER
340. Have you ever gone sky-diving?-EVERYDAY
341. Have you ever been bungie jumping?-NO
342. Do you live in the USA?
343. Have you ever been to the Bermuda triangle?
344. Can you drive yet?
345. Have you ever been an a car accident?
346. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
347. What's your favorite pizza topping?
348. Have you ever seen a shark up close before?
349. Do you have a nickname? If yes what is it?
350. Have you ever gotten stung by a bee?
351. Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
352. Are you on a vacation right now?
353. Do you have an i-pod?
354. Do you have an mp-3 player?
355. Do you have a cd player?
356. Ever heard of the i-phone?
357. Did you really think you were done with this quiz
358. Have you ever helped out someone who was hacked?
359. Have you ever served in the military?
360. Should GAIA have a GAIAN church?
361. What new things would you like to see at the Gaia shops?
362. What do you think about the new GAIAN cars?
363. Would you like to have a full set of donation items given to you if you donated “If you donate to Gaia and get a full set of armor with a weapon to outfit your AVI”?
364. Do you think it would be cool to have a Gaian music station?
365. What kind of music would you like to have for this station?
366. Would you like to see more specialty shops on Gaia?
367. How long have you been on Gaia?
368. With all of the different AVI themes out there would you like to see Themed homes?
369. As an example would it be cool to have the outside of your home look like a Gothic Structure or a Medieval castle? Nah, not for me!!
370. How many times a week do you log onto Gaia?
371. What is the longest time spent on Gaia?
372. What is the shortest time spent on Gaia?
373. How often do you get bumped off line?
374. What is you’re favorite donation item?
375. Have you ever had breakfast for dinner?
376. What do you think about the Gaian World map?
377. Would you like to see an expansion on the Gaia world?
378. If you could add a new game to the Gaia games what would it be?
379. Do you like how the Avatars look?
380. If you could change how they looked what would you change?
381. What pets would you like to see?
382. Do you have a Gaia pet?
383. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
384. Older or younger?
385. Do you play Video games? Every other months!!
386. What game systems do you have?
387. What is your all time favorite Video Game?
388. Have you ever been to a Video Arcade?
389. When was the last time you went?
390. Hand held or Console?
391. Flash light or oil Lamp?
392. Camping or amusement park?
393. Video Cassettes or DVD?
394. New car or Classic car?
395. Cat person or Dog person?
396. Good book or TV?
397. Card games or Board games?
398. Spray paint or Paint brush?
399. Is this quiz getting hard yet?
400. Magic the Gathering or Pokemon?
401. Who is youy hero?
402. Angelic or Demonic?
403. Do you RP often? That’s my everyday thing to do!!
404. What was the best thing you ever received in the daily chance?
405. Do you prefer winter games or summer games?
406. Precious gems or precious metals?
407. Do you have any hobbies?
408. Have you ever been asked to do something you were not comfortable doing?
409. Have you ever shop lifted?
410. Are you telling the truth on the previous question?
411. What is your favorite flavor of gum?
412. Ever have a Jaw Breaker?
413. Did it break your jaw?
414. What is the spiciest food you ever ate?
415. What was your favorite kid’s book?
416. What was your favorite toy as a kid?
417. Did you ever play cow boys and Indians as a kid?
418. Have you ever cheated on a test?
419. Did you pass?
420. Chess or Checkers?
421. Monster truck or Low rider?
422. What is you favorite holiday?
423. Silk or Satin?
424. Hunting or fishing?
425. Cheerios or Lucky charms?
426. Are you a morning person?
427. What is the worst thing you ever did to someone?
428. Shower or bath?
429.Do you watch cartoon network?
430. what is your favorite cartoon?
431. Glasses or Contact lenses?
432. Magazine or News paper?
433. Kool aide or Soda pop?
434. Do you prefer a mouse, track ball or touch pad?
435. Traditional monitor or LCD screen?
436. What is the easiest pet to take care of?
437. Have you ever had a Water balloon fight?
438. Do you think sculls are cool?
439. Dragons or fairies?
440. Fast food or home cooked meal?
441. Pizza or Burgers?
442. Baseball or Football?
443. Nascar or Monster truck Rally?
444. Have you ever lived in a Mobile home?
445. Have you ever seen a tornado?
446. Ever watch Johnny Bravo?
447. What did you think of it?
448. Would you rather shop at a discount store or a retail store?
449. Are you a slave to fashion?
450. Cash or credit?
451. Do you wear boots or shoes to work / school?
452. If you were an international spy what country would you work for?
453. Good guy or bad guy?
454. St uffed animals or squirt guns?
455. Paper or plastic?
456. do you have a rubber ducky (grins)?
457. What is the oldest coin you ever got back in change?
458. Do you use hair conditioner?
459. T-shirt or sweat shirt?
460. Do you pick on you little brother / sister?
461. If you could choose an instrument to be what would you be?
462. Why would you choose to be that instrument?
463. If you could change something about you what would it be?
464. What color id your hair?
465. Do you use any hair color?
466. What is your favorite shampoo?
467. What is the longest time you went without bathing and why?
468. Would you ever date a Nerd?
469. Do you prefer shopping on line or at the store?
470. Ever play store tag?
471. Have you ever rearranged a store display?
472. Trapper keeper or clip board?
473. Do you like shopping for school supplies?
474. Ever been excited to go back to school?
475. Do you look forward to summer break?
476. Would you get mad if they made school all year long?
477. Would you still be mad if school only lasted till noon?
478. Are your parents / kids weird?
479. What is your favorite wild animal?
480. Do you think bugs are creepy?
481. Ever rub two pennies together?
482. Do you have a night light?
483. What color is your night light?
484. Ever sleep on a water bed?
485. If you could pick a time in the past to live in and when would it be?
486. Cake or Pie?
487. Ice cream or cookies?
488. Would you ever ride on a motor cycle?
489. What is your favorite past time?
490. If you could be an animal what would it be?
491. Ever play Laser tag?
492. Have you ever hacked anyone before?
493. What did you have for breakfast this morning?
494. Do you have a favorite outfit?
495. Do you like comedy?
496. do you like Horror?
497. Do you like Science Fiction?
498. Do you like Drama?
499. Ever watched a Docudrama?
500. Would you prefer having wings or a tail?
501. Flowers or Trees?
502. Would rather ski or snow board?
503. Where is the worst place you ever had to go to sleep?
504. What would be you worst day ever?
505. What is your scariest nightmare?
506. If you could be a pilot would you fly a plane or a helicopter?
507. Snow or sand?
508. Brick or wood?
509. Who is your favorite loony toon?
510. Hey did you know that you have more questions to answer?
511. Are you aware that you just past the half way mark?
512.Are you sick of this quiz yet?
513. Do you think 50K is worth all of this work?
514. Have you ever taken a 1000 question quiz before?
515. Have you ever owned a pet rock?
516. Did you paint your pet rock?
517. Ever hit a girl before?
518. Did she deserve it?
519.Have you ever pushed your little brother / sister down?
520. Ever put tape on the feet of your cat?
521. What was the funniest joke you ever told?
522. What is the best prank you ever pulled?
523. Did they find out who did it?
524. Ever pull the wings off of a fly?
525. Have you ever used a magnifying glass to burn ants?
526. Ever made fun of a clown?
527. Have you ever had a pie in the face?
528. Ever freak out your baby sitter?
529. Have you ever fallen out of a tree?
530. How many arms do you have?
531. Do you have any really cool scars?
532. How did you get them?
533. Ever stuck a bucket on your head?
534. Did it get stuck?
535. Ever yelled at your parents?
536. Have you ever slipped on ice and recreated a scene from a cartoon?
537. How much change do you have in your pocket?
538. How much lint do you have in your pocket?
539. Do you own a stained t-shirt?
540. Ever rip your pants out?
541. Have you ever lost your pants in public?
542. Have you ever been bitten by a dog?
543. Ever hit your thumb with a hammer?
544. Have you ever sewn your homework to the teacher’s finger to your project?
545. When was the last time you got a paper cut?
546. Have you ever sliced your finger while cutting veggies?
547. What question do you think I will ask next?
548. Is this quiz getting old yet?
549. Have you ever egged some ones house before?
550. Did you ever play with matches as a kid?
551. Are you crazy for playing with matches?
552. Ever light off fire works?
553. Have you ever been hit by a fire work?
554. Are you scared of fire works?
555. Have you ever blown up a model with firecrackers?
556. How far is your computer from your room?
557. Does your family own more than one computer?
558. Do you mess with telemarketers?
559. What was the worst thing you did to a telemarketer?
560. Have you ever made a prank phone call?
561. Have you ever fallen off the top Bunk?
562. Have you ever taken all of the batteries out of the remote controls in the house?
563. Do you like your neighbors?
564. Have you ever seen an episode of South Park?
565. Ever gotten angry at a video game?
566. What is your girl / boy friend’s birthday?
567. Do you know when your parents birthday?
568. Do you know how old they are?
569. Do you have a cell phone?
570. Have you ever lost your cell phone?
571. What was the longest time you where grounded for?
572. Do you own any holey socks?
573. What color are your eyes?
574. What color are your Girl / Boy Friend’s eyes?
575. What is the worst tasting thing you ever drank?
576. What is the worst tasting thing you ate?
577. Have you ever eaten a bug? No
578. Have you ever been sprayed by a skunk?
579. What is the closest you have been to a wild animal?
580. Have you ever goosed an EMU {GRINS}?
581. Have you ever been spanked?
582. Have you ever talked back to your parents?
583.What did they do when you talked back?
584. What is the weirdest food combination you ever created?
585. Do you like beef jerky?
586. Have you ever shot a deer?
587. Have you ever tortured a stuffed toy?
588. Have you ever thrown up on someone?
589. What is the worst smell in the world?
590. Have you ever changed a poopy diaper?
591. Can you draw a straight line?
592. Have you ever fallen down the stairs?
593. Have you ever slipped on a banana peel?
594. Have you ever been burned?
595. Have you ever been treated for poison ivy / oak?
596. Ever skinned your knee?
597. Have you ever wrecked on your bike?
598. When was the last time?
599. Have you built a snow fort?
600. Have you ever made mud pies?
601. Did you make your little brother eat that mud pie?
602. Have you gone river rafting?
603. What is the farthest distance you have ever traveled?
604. Ever been on a Zamboni?
605. Can you roller skate?
606. How many chores do you have?
607. Do you paint your toe nails?
608. Ever made the world’s largest snow ball during recess?
609. Have you ever played king of the hill?
610. Have you ever had a fire cracker go off in your hand?
611. Did it hurt?
612. Have you ever fallen asleep during class?
613. Did you drool on your desk?
614. Have you ever played paint ball?
615. Have you dated a cheer leader?
616. Have you dated the captain of the football team?
617. What did you have for lunch today?
618. Can you describe the perfect date?
619. What was the most expensive date you ever had?
620. Did you have more than one date for the prom?
621. Have you ever been in a parade?
622. Do you like rats?
623. Have you ever fed a snake?
624. Who is your favorite actor?
625. Who is your favorite actress?
626. If you could be anything what would you be?
627. Are you offended by political correctness?
628. How often do you eat potato chips?
629. do you get annoyed by you brothers and sisters?
630. What color is your room?
631. Will this quiz ever end?
632. would you zig or would you zag?
633. Pretzels or potato chips?
634. has your mom or dad ever said “I told you so”?
635. Do you sound like your parents and say some of the things they say?
636. Have you ever played battleship?
637. Did they sing your battleship?
638. what was the longest monopoly game you ever played?
639. Cool breeze or a hot wind?
640. Lemonade or Chocolate milk?
641. Have you ever cut through some ones yard?
642. Have you ever hit an old person on your bike?
643. Ever ridden your bike in the snow?
644. Have you ever one any contests?
645. Are you sick of answering these questions?
646. how old is your cat / dog?
647. Do you have any fish?
648. Can you eat them?
649. Who feeds your fish?
650. What is the biggest fish you own?
651. Do you like sea food?
652. How many time do you fill up your plate at an all you can eat restaurant?
653. Have you ever had a tummy ache?
654. Have you ever been Hospitalized for the flew?
655. How long where you there/
656. Ever had any major surgery?
657. Have you ever made a nurse cry?
658. Have you been woken up by a nurse so she could give you a sleeping pill?
659. Have you ever seen a live birth before?
660.What is the grossest thing you ever saw?
661. Have you ever pulled a girls hair?
662. Have you ever played golf?
663. Ever been hit by a golf ball?
664. Have you been to the ocean?
665. Have you ever dissected a frog?
666. Do you save your pickle juice after the last pickle is gone?
667. Have you ever drunk out of the carton?
668. Do your feet smell?
669. Does your nose run?
670. Don’t you think you should catch your nose if it’s running?
671. Wow did you know this is a long quiz?
672. Can you stand doing this anymore?
673. How many stripes are on the American flag?
674. What year was the American civil war?
675. Who did we fight?
676. When did we land on the moon?
677. Do you think time travel is possible?
678. do you have any extra toes or fingers?
679. How many times do you sneeze a day?
680. do you have any allergies?
681. Do you like getting mail?
682. Do you have any magazine subscriptions?
683. What are they?
684. Have you ever ordered something and not paid for it?
685. Do you eat junk food on a regular basis?
686. Do you collect stamps?
687. Do you have any baseball cards?
688. have you ever read a comic book?
689. Do you know who Albert Einstein is?
690. What was he famous for?
691. When was the Atomic bomb invented?
692. What country invented it?
693. Have you ever seen the show myth busters?
694. Have you ever crashed a car on purpose?
695. Have you ever been spit on?
696. Have you ever spit on anyone?
697. Have you ever shaved your hair off?
698. Have you ever used a pen to doodle on yourself?
699. Do you have all of your teeth?
700. Ever lost a tooth in a fight?
701. Do you have big feet?
702. Have you ever been in a fight?
703. What color is your avi’s Eyes?
704. do you collect bottle caps?
705. do you like marshmallows?
706. Do you like waffles?
707. Did you know you are on question 700?
708. Do you like pancakes?
709. Do you like French toast?
710. Do you like mints?
711. Have you ever thrown a rock through a window?
712. have you ever been arrested by the cops?
713. Have you ever pissed off a cop?
714. Have you ever gotten out of a ticket by making the cop laugh?
715. Sandals or boots?
716. Do you have a pogo stick?
717. have you ever played soccer?
718. Do you like angels?
719. Do you like demons?
720. Do you like mustard?
721. How many TVs do you have in your home?
722. have you ever peed on your self?
723. Do you honk when you blow your nose?
724. have you ever broken your nose?
725. are you bald?
726. do you have long hair?
727. Have you ever done a belly flop?
728. do you use hand lotion?
729. how many tokens have you ever had?
730. do you buy your tickets at the market place?
731. Have you ever used them at prize and joy?
732. Have you ever eaten military rations?
733. Have you ever shot a gun?
734. Did you ever build a go cart?
735. Do you own a sword?
736. how many people do you know?
737. Have you ever seen a vet?
738. Do you know sign language?
739. Do you speak more than one language?
740. can you do Chinese arithmetic?
741. Can you read Latin?
742. Are you some kind of genius if you can do the previous two questions?
743. If you are a genius why are you on Gaia?
744. Do you play with marbles?
745. Do you have any Legos?
746. How many do you have?
747. Do you buy the sets or just the blocks?
748. Have you ever seen the USS Constitution?
749. Have you ever been to the Smithsonian institute?
750. Did you have fun there?
751. Are you a nerd?
752. do you or anyone you know play dungeons and dragons?
753. Did you know Vin Diesel plays D & D?
754. Do you know who Vin Diesel is?
755. Have you ever lost your D &D Character because you made a stupid decision?
756. Have you been to the movies in the past week?
757. What did you see?
758. Did you like it?
759. who was your favorite character?
760. Did you get popcorn?
761. Have you ever been to a bar?
762. Have you ever played pool?
763. Have you been to Yellow Stone National Park?
764. Ever eat a raw egg?
765. Ever eaten raw beef?
766. Have you ever drunk blood?
767. Dot you drink soda?
768. How many glasses of water do you drink in a day?
769. Did you know my wrist hurts from typing these questions?
770. Does yours hurt from typing the answers?
771. Do you like spinach?
772. Have you ever mixed all of the fountain drinks together at a fast food place?
773. Do you have a convenience store within a block of your home?
774. How often do you go there?
775. What do you buy the most there?
776. what is your favorite candy bar?
777. Have you ever eaten Vienna sausages?
778. Do you like sardines?
779. Did you know they come in tomato sauce?
780. have you ever eaten cardboard?
781. do you like the taste of envelope glue?
782. have you ever fallen off of your roof?
783. Do you know how to use a barbecue?
784. how many toes does a bat have?
785. Do you think you could answer this many questions?
786. Can you count by threes?
787. Do you hate being interrupted?
788. Have you ever eaten a raw hot dog?
789. Have you ever sat on an ant hill?
790. did they get in your pants?
791. Ever piss off a bee hive?
792. Have you ever tripped anyone?
793. Do you snore at night?
794. Have you ever shot a noodle out of your nose?
795. Have you cut your own hair?
796. How many pimples does your big brother / sister have?
797. Does their face look like the surface of the moon?
798. Are you sure you're/you're not a newb?
799. Do you have a Doll / action figure collection?
800. Are you aware that this is a long quiz?
801. Have you ever fed you dog peanut butter?
802. Did you laugh so hard you cried?
803. Ever burn you hair?
804. Have you ever spray painted graffiti?
805. Do you have matching socks?
806. Do you dust your house?
807. Have you ever been electrocuted?
808. Have you ever fried a computer?
809. Have you lost something very important to you?
810. Do you think you will get you 50k when you’re done?
811.Do squeaky toys annoy you?
812. Ever do bad things to a stuffed monkey?
813. Have you used the power windows of a car to break a siblings toys?
814. Do you think these questions are just random nonsense?
815.Does your toilet have a ring around it?
816. Have you ever plugged your toilet with a toy?
817. Do you use half a roll of toilet paper when you’re done?
818. How many rocks do you have?
819. Do you own any bugs?
820. Have you ever eaten a stale Twinkie?
821. Have you ever taken revenge on someone for stealing your boy / girl friend?
822. Have you thrown up on a fair ride?
823. have you sneezed on anyone?
824. Have you ever hit yourself with a pool stick?
825. have you ever slapped Jell-O?
826. Have you ever sucked Jell-O up your nose?
827. Have you put peanut butter under a car door handle?
828. Do you have toe jam?
829. Do you channel surf during commercials?
830. Does it bug the other people watching TV with you?
831. Do you squeeze the Charmin?
832. Is your face dirty?
833. can you touch your nose with your tongue?
834. Can you wiggle your ears?
835. Can you touch your nose with your big toe?
836. Can you put your foot behind your head?
837. Can you bench press 500 pounds?
838. Can you rebuild an engine?
839. Can you plan a party?
840. Have you ever done both on the same day?
841. Do you have an annoying friend?
842. Have you ever played Pac man?
843. Have you ever farted and blamed it on the dog?
844. Do you disrupt class for no reason?
845. Do you know how to get grass stains out of your pants?
846. Can you tell the difference between a USB port and a PS2 port?
847. How many games do you have installed on your computer right now?
848. Have you ever upgraded your computer just so you could play a new game?
849. Are you still using windows 98?
850. Why haven’t you upgraded yet?
851. Do you like birds?
852. Have you ever shaved your head?
853. Do you have any gray hair?
854. Do you believe in aliens?
855. Do you have a Phaser?
856. Would you like to own a real light saber?
857. Do you play in the tub?
858. do you wash your hair first or last?
859. What color is your bathroom floor?
860. Tile or rug floor?
861. How many bathrooms do you have?
862. How many innings are there in a baseball game?
863. What is PAR?
864. Do you know how to make a FRIP NORP?
865. Do you know what a FRIP NORP is?
866. Neither do I, so why did I ask you?
867. Better yet why did you answer if you didn’t know?
868. How many c**k roaches does it take to screw in a light bulb?
869. Have you ever been bitten by a snake?
870. Did it hurt?
871. Was it poisonous?
872. What color was it?
873. Is this number cool looking?
874. What number comes before 999?
875. Can you play a banjo?
876. Do you have any red neck friends?
877. Finish this sentence: You might be a red neck if…
878. How many cars do you own?
879. Have you ever been tackled by a love struck girl / boy?
880. Have you ever got you tongue frozen to the swing set?
881. Have you had a brain freeze?
882. Can you eat a gallon of ice cream by yourself?
883. Have you ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? (if so, original or newer one?)
884. Does your TV have a V chip?
885. Guess what, you are on question 900 what are you going to do now?
886. How many do you have left to go?
887. What color are your teeth?
888. How many cavities do you have?
889. When was the last time you went to the dentist?
890. Do you have ear hair?
891. Is that gross?
892. are they gray?
893. Do you have a beauty mark?
894. Do you like crackers?
895. Did you have Pea green soup for breakfast?
896. Did you have pea green soup for lunch?
897. Did you have pea green soup for dinner?
898. Did you pea green soup all night?
899. What is your favorite cheese?
900. What is your favorite dish for thanksgiving?
901. Do you have a Nintendo game boy?
902. What color is it?
903. How many games do you have for it?
904. What color is Garfield?
905. What is the dog’s name in Garfield?
906. Who is Garfield’s owner?
907. Have you ever vacuumed the cat?
908. Do you like to pull weeds?
909. Have you painted a house?
910. Can you use a power saw?
911. Do you like to go to the hardware store?
912. Do you play piano?
913. What can you play?
914. Who is Mozart?
915. Where is Rome?
916. Are you smarter than a fifth grader?
917. What is the equator?
918. Where is the North Pole?
919. What color is it?
920. have you ever seen it?
921. So how do you know what color it is?
922. Did you know there is no pole at the pole?
923. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
924. Do you like kids?
925. What continent is Brazil on?
926. what country is north of the United States?
927. Who was Adolph Hitler?
928. Who was Winston Church hill?
929. Do you know where your mom is?
930. Do you believe that dinosaurs lived on earth?
931. Do you know what an AK-47 is?
932. How many TV stations do you have?
933. How many do you actually watch?
934. Do you pay a lot for all those channels?
935. Cable or satellite?
936. How many pairs of jeans do you own?
937. Do you like robots or androids better, or neither? XD
938. Can you do Algebra?
939. What is the longest book you ever read?
940. How many pages can you read in an hour?
941. Have you ever seen a UFO or even believe in them for that matter?
942. Do you tan or burn?
943. Where is Texas?
944. Do you like school lunches?
945. Do you like your teachers?, (if you have any if not boss, or etc.)
946. Do you want this quiz to end?
947. Would you quit now if you got 50k on this question or would you finish the quiz?
948. Do you have an old transformer?
949. How many do you have?
950. Do you like pigs?
951. Have you ever kicked a chicken?
952. Do you know what mutton chops are?
953. What is hagus?
954. How many days are in a leap year?
955. Have you ever heard of nannites?
956. What is a bio machine?
957. Does your school have a cool mascot?
958. What are your school colors?
959. Do you have any posters in your room?
960. Who is Jimmy Neutron?
961. Have you seen the Grand Canyon?
962. Where is it?
963. Do you like camping?
964. Have you ever taken a road trip across the country?
965. How far can you drive in one day?
966. Ever been on a cruise?
967. When did the Titanic sink?
968. Have you played in the rain?
969. Was the rain cold or warm?
970. What is you favorite pie?
971. Do you like Jam?
972. Do you have a sleeping bag?
973. Can you navigate using a compass?
974. How long did you think this was going to be?
975. Did you know you are down to the last 10 questions?
976. Do you still have your toys from your childhood?
977. How many DVDs do you own?
978. Is your room clean?
979. Have you forgotten your shores to do this quiz?
980. Are you aware that there is only five questions left?
981 .How do you think you did?
982. could you imagine it would take this long?
983. Did you know you were almost done?
984. Did you know you have one question left on this quiz?
985. Are you glad this is almost over?
986. Did you know it's almost official that this is the longest quiz on gaia?
987. Have you broken any rules while doing this quiz?
988. Have you ever finished any other quiz before?
989. Do you think this is the longest quiz in gaia's history?
990. Do you know the first 5 numbers of pi?
991. What's the difference between pi and pie?
992. Ever entered a dream avi contest?
993. Ever finished a quiz this long before?
994. About how long did it take you to get this far?
995. Any of your friends online?
996. Did you make a lot of gold?
997. About how much gold did you make from this quiz?
998. Do you think anyone will ever make a quiz longer then this one?
999. Did this take you a long time to finish?
1000. Do you know how much you weigh?
1001. How many cars do you have?
1002. Do you own a pool?
1003. Do you live in an apartment?
1004. Do you live in a shack?
1005. Do you play pool?
1006. Ever won a contest before?
1007. Do you think you could've came up with this many questions?
1008. Which question in this quiz was your favorite?
1009. Can you imagine anyone finishing this quiz?
1010. Are you rich now that you've almost finished this quiz?
1011. Did this quiz help you get any of your dream items?
1012. Do you have a journal on gaia?
1013. Do you have a diary?
1014. Do you think I'm being nosy?
1015. Do you believe in magic, aliens, ghosts, etc.?
1016. Has anyone ever robbed/broken into your house?

Kikie_179's Quiz
1017. Did you go crazy while doing this quiz?
1018. Was it worth it doing this quiz?
1019. Was the quiz fun?
1020. Would you suggest this quiz to other people to do?
1021. Did you earn a lot of gold?
1022. How much gold do you have now?
1023. Would you have liked to get more?
1024. Was this quiz worth doing?
1025. Did you know this is a newer question?
1026. Doesn't it seem like this quiz keeps going on and on?
1027. Would you like to stop doing this quiz at this point?
1028. I'm glad your continuing on, so why are you bothering to finish this quiz?
1029. Halo 3 or Call of Duty 4?
1030. PS3 or XBOX 360?
1031. WII or PSP?
1032. Ever heard of the site called runescape?
1033. If you answered no on the last one just leave the answer to this one blank, Do you have an account on the website?
1034. Have you ever been electrocuted?
1035. What's the last movie you saw?
1036. When was the last time you cried?
1037. In your opinion does peeling onions really make you cry?
1038. Did you realize this quiz has gotten longer?
1039. Are you starting to wish you never started this quiz?
1040. Have you ever watched the show Mythbusters?
1041. What is one myth you would like to test out yourself?
1042. If you could be someone for 1 day who would it be?
1043. Do you hate it when people park in handi-capped spots and aren't really handi-capped?
1044. Are you on of the people who aren't handi-capped but park in the spots?
1045. Do you think driving and talking on your cells (excluding hands free and bluetooth) should be illegal?
1046. If you were president what would be the first thing you would do?
1047. When you were little what job did you want?
1048. What number of questions would you like this quiz to have?

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In This Shirt I Can Be
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