If there is anyone out there who has a worse love life then me plz comment. So for you to find out if you love life is worse then mine I will tell you about my love life:
Ok so at school I hang out with a bunch of ppl but mostly just a group of friends, now one of the ppl who I hang out with I have a huge crush on but him and I cant be togather because he likes someone else and hates me. The girl he likes was the same girl that he was dating last year and they broke up cause on april fools day he flerted with another girl to make his gf think he had moved on, but she gto mad at him and didnt take him back. so now I like him but he hates me so idk what to do cause another friend of mine told me that he likes me but he thinks Im to good for him. so now she is doing something to him but she didnt tell me what so if any one has any advice or has a worse love life then plz comment on this or pm me at least. I at least want to know if I am the only person on the planet that has a horrible love life. thx for reading bye sad