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Must the world be so cruel?
Dear Diary,

I am going to a movie soon so I can't write long. But I must say this: I am officially obsessed with Naruto. Most of the people I've talked to find me weird because I am overly obsessed. I'm trying to find someone to talk to me about it night and day, but I doubt it.
Rock Lee has not been on since Saturday, and I am concerned. I dont' know why, I just am. Temari has been sick ever since she left my place, so she hasn't been on. Hinata and I have rp'd for a while....and now we have a Sasuke: Parker! I was shocked when he told me he was accepted.....now he has to treat me like crap....dangit.
What I've Done by Linkin Park is on right now.
Tomorrow is school, which I am dreading. I have TKD tonite. I might see Tyler and Junior. I am dying....I don't know why....I need to see my buddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlotte and I are opening a "shop". It's just a pretend shop in our pro comments right now.....and yeah that's all I need to say right now. I would say so much more...I'd pour out my soul....but I am concerned that people will judge me so this is it for now. I must go do my hair and brush my teeth now.
Oh, before I go, here I must say this: whenever I go out in public, I act all grown up and behave my best, and at times, I try to make myself look......attractive. I try to scope out the cute boys....and sometimes they look! It is SO funny....my mom says I am a dork....but she joins in on this! I shall see what happens today....LOL.

~Sakura Haruno/Kiko Kiri Kurasaki

P.S. I ish waiting for.....my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Only Lee and Temari know why....

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