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Sigh...It's life.

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This is also a rant for those whose eyes and ears are sensitive please click the back button.
Today is officially the worst day in my Gaia life and in my real life. My parents pissed the ******** out of me saying how I don't give a s**t about my education but the thing is they don't know s**t about me! I do things and they don't notice, if i died they wouldn't notice I bet...
Anyways, today I went to the rally hoping to see the sour patch truck but turns out the truck left now normally that would have made me somewhat upset but the next thing that happened was this message, "A username and password are being requested by http://test52.open.dev.gaiaonline.com. The site says: "Gaia Secure Test Server: Authorized Access Only" It wanted me to type in my password and username which was scary since every time I accessed the rally this message popped out.
Then I thought was someone trying to scam me? I went to the forums to report a bug of some sort and noticed I was not the only one with this problem there were 2 possibilities of why this was happening apparently, 1) Some hacker was feeling extra happy today and decided to try and hack everyone that went to the rally. 2) This thing was not a scam but a some weird crossing between the user rally and the test rally the one where the designers and admins use to check bugs and such. In case if it was number 1 I would have been hacked if I entered my info in case number 2 nothing would have happened since I am not an admin or designer of Gaia the password and username would have been incorrect and nothing would have happened to my account.
But still moving on to another factor of my displeasure is that all the servers for zOMG are down! All of them! Apparently earlier today there was only one server but now both are down, are they updating without adding it to the update list on the sidebar? Or are they fixing some severe lag that's happening? I have no idea at all, but I would really like to play zOMG and level up my character since cl 6 is a nice place to be at but cl 7 is even better. The daily freebies I can't get either!
Well this brings me to another point, a few days ago or was it Friday or Saturday some day ago. I saw Quixter on Gold Beach! He suppressed his cl to 2.7 no idea why, I guess he just came from Bill's Ranch or something. I was in utter awe of the situation and couldn't help but just stare at the screen.
He did a smile face and then proceeded to walk to the other screen where I guess a small crowd was forming. I knelt and proceeded to fangasm in reality. I saw the developer of zOMG in person! As in avi to avi person! -fangasming again-
So yes today is a craptastic day.

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