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Ready or not...

reshi xx
Community Member

It's almost two in the morning.
I'm tired.
And I have some things I want to say.

I'm going to start off with my "good" stuff, or the stuff that's not my "it's really late and that means I'm going to pour my heart out with wisdom and s**t" stuff I want to talk about.

SHINee is my new addiction and Taemin is too seductive for his own good.
I really like his hair.
He needs to get extensions again.
I love all of the boys.
The boys are Onew, Key, Jonghyun, Minho, and Taemin, not Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam.

I just got my hair cut today and I really like it. I just really got the back trimmed so it looks nice again. Though I love my short hair I and stuff I'm kinda getting bored of it. Like, I don't know. It's become bleh to me and it's just not interesting anymore. I'm actually thinking of growing it out to shoulder length and either getting a chemical straightening treatment or straightening it everyday and getting hair like Taeminnie's in Lucifer. I know my hair would be able to do that because it's thick and full, and all you need is nice layering and a straightener. And ohmygod that hairstyle. heart

I played through Assassin's Creed III not long ago. I love the game and everything, and, despite all the criticisms, I like the plot more than that of the first, as well as the characters. Assassin's Creed just wasn't developed really in any way. Malik was one of the only characters who was characterized throughout the whole game and, though, I know it's not a very hugely character-based game, I would have liked to get to know the characters more. This goes mostly for Altair. All we know about him is that he gives no ******** and that he really likes being an Assassin and he's (usually) good at it, though he defies the Creed often. Other than that he's given no personality at all. I don't think they even really made an attempt to give him a personality. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, and I actually prefer it to III because of the gameplay, but the characters were just... unsatisfying.
Also, the plot was very... anticlimactic. All you had to do was run around and kill some guys then you kill your master in a shocking twist. Eh. However, in Assassin's Creed III, you help a revolution and through that accidentally aid people who killed your family, and there are twists and turns and ups and downs and, while I'm not too thrilled with the fact that America basically would have lost without Connor, I really enjoyed playing it. I understand all the non-Americans who didn't give a ******** about this because it didn't affect them at all, but, since I'm American, I really liked it.
I really liked Connor as a character, and I couldn't figure out why for the longest time. I constantly found myself calling him a "little s**t" when he'd be rude to Achilles, and he was naive and ignorant as hell sometimes. But, for some reason, I just really liked him. And I just recently found out why. He's made human by Ubisoft. They make these tiny little quirks for Connor, like how he doesn't like to be touched (although that's a cultural thing) and how he sits backwards on chairs. I feel like I also feel more of a connection with Connor because you play from his childhood until he's 27, so you not only see his changes throughout his life, but you also see everything major he's gone through in his whole life up to the point at which the game ends. This adds a sense of empathy into the player that you just don't get with Altair. You are attacked by Lee in the forest. You run through the village trying to get to your mother, and then you see her die, right before your eyes. Playing through all of this, as time consuming and, what may seem to be at the time annoying, it gives you empathy for Connor that being told about the incident just doesn't give. I didn't realize how important playing Connor's childhood was until long after I finished the game. At the time I thought it was unnecessary and annoying, though I realize now it's the complete opposite (though I still find that Hide and Seek mission annoying as ********).
You also get to play as Haytham for the first fourth of the game. After learning he wasn't the main character, I was pissed, because, basically, Sequences 1-5 were all introduction. Then I also realized something. Some people actually liked Haytham. Playing him made the player (unless you're me; I hated the guy) form a sort of bond with him that gives the player the sense of wanting Connor and Haytham to have a good relationship. It gives you the hope that they won't have to kill each other. And it gives you great pain during that last battle with him. See, while you play Haytham, you realize he's not a bad guy. Had you not played him, you would have thought "Templar scum!" and wanted to kill him. But, instead, you know that Haytham is a (generally) kind man who is capable of love, and you understand how Connor wants to ally with him rather than just kill him. It would seem stupid had you begun playing as Connor, knowing nothing about Haytham. And, even though I never liked Haytham at all, I still wanted Connor to have a good relationship with his father and I was still heartbroken when he had to kill him because even though I didn't like him I still knew he was a man who wasn't evil like Lee is portrayed to be. I feel like had I not played Haytham in the beginning, I would have thought him as no better than Lee, worse, even, for abandoning his son (yes, I know that Ziio told him to leave but I doubt you'd learn that starting as Connor, or at least until later), and I would have wanted him to die for his merciless actions like I did Lee.
It was odd finding out all these things about Assassin's Creed III in parts that I didn't care for. Like I said, I didn't like playing as Haytham much and I didn't like Connor's childhood at all, but they're still immensely important, and I see that now. And, to be honest, I've gained a higher respect for Ubisoft because of it.

sidenote:: I feel Connor to be so human and well developed that I find myself unable to kill innocents for no apparent reason because I know it's something he wouldn't do. I don't feel the same for Altair, since he has such little personality that I consider him a sociopath. And when I play 1 I'm really violent and sociopathic because that's how I picture Altair.

Those are all of those not philosophical s**t I want to say. Now is for that wisdom s**t I mentioned.

I. Hate. Followers.

Not like followers of a blog or followers on Twitter, but people who just... follow people. In real life. They can't take charge and they're so. [********] submissive. They just do whatever the ******** their friends do. Like, I understand if you friend tells you about something, say, a band, and you happen to like it. But followers love it. They become just as obsessed with it as their friend is. If their friend is super into the fandom, they will be, too. If they just casually like the music, they will be, too. But this isn't just for one thing, oh, no, it's for everything. Tell them about a game and BAM they love it, too. A book? Yup. A movie? Hell yeah. A show? Oh ******** yes. It's like, if I make you listen to a song, I expect you to listen to it and give your honest opinion. There's usually around a 30% chance they'll like it and a 69.99% chance they'll either not like it or be indifferent to it. However, I believe there is about a 0.01% chance that you will fall into the fandom if I show you something. But with some people it's like, every damn time!
Do they actually think that makes you like them? Well, let me tell you something, it doesn't. At all. After a while it makes us hate you. Sometimes we want to have our own little thing, a guilty pleasure, per say, then, if I ever ******** mention it, the next ******** day you're babbling to me about it in my ear.
Just. [********] Stop.
No one likes these kinds of followers. Get your own ******** personality, please. Don't just mooch off of your friends. If you keep doing it you're just going to get abandoned and then wonder what the ******** happened.

And that's my wisdom of the week.
Maybe this will become a more regular thing?

G'night lovelies xx

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