Heeeyyyy Brochachos~
So I decided to run a mini shop. On my time. FREE ART, MAN.**
I will only draw you something if:
- I find your request likable. Especially with OCs. I tend not to like other peoples' OCs, so yours better be interesting if you want me to draw it.

- The anime/game character is from a series I know. I was asked to draw Xerxes Break once. I have no idea who the ffff that is, so it sucked. Just ask and I'll tell you if I know 'em.

- *if applicable* I am given multiple references of an OC/yourself. I cannot draw OCs/you if all I have to work with is a single-angle front view. I need to know dimensions. And colors, especially.

- Your avi is not cluttered or all the same color. It bothers me greatly to have to draw the exact same color everywhere. Throws off proportions and such. Just don't.

With that out of the way, here is the good part of my dA. You can browse the rest of my gallery but most of it sucks.

If interested, PM me your request and I'll look at it.
~I'm super super super into Sengoku Basara right now. Any request involving it shall be auto-granted!~

**Though, I do like art trades sometimes~