I have to say this now, I just have to: I LOVE 30 Seconds to Mars!

Okay here's the story: Last week I decided to get some random CDs from the library-of artists I think I might enjoy- one of them being this band (because their singles are amazing) "This is War" and "A Beautiful Lie". I heard "Closer to the Edge" on the radio and I could not get it out of my head all day, so all I could think of was I just HAD to have this song, plus the other songs I heard from them that I like.

I'm short on money now, searching for employment, so the library is like music heaven for me- you can request for literally everything.

I actually saw some of their music videos before, but not in a long time so I didn't know the new ones, and they're all just Epic movies to me.
Music + Short films= mrgreen

All of their songs just sounded so unique the first time listening to them all, and then I picked a bunch of favorites- I didn't think I'd like so many to begin with. Now I pretty much Love them all, because it flows, and it really gets my imagination going.

One of the songs I liked the first few times listening was "Hurricane" because I thought of how it could be used in the future Hunger Games movie...somehow ninja I was surprised when I found there was a music video for it on youtube when I was browsing out of curiosity.
So I watched that video and...yeah, not exactly what I thought at all= burning_eyes
But that's what I think makes really great music: it can be interpreted as anything and still make sense, even if it was a little... eek

I am completely obsessed with this band now, watching all their videos, replaying their songs constantly, and they're one of the few bands I know of that I can remember all their names (Jared, Shannon, and Tomo) Lol- That in itself shows how I much I care and love them now. heart