name: Raiken
Username: OMGaNINJA
age: 21
Gender: Male
looks: User Image
personality: doesn't like to fight but when he is fighting he gets excited. Hates being bored and likes to play pranks on people. He also sometimes doesn't do what he is supposed to do and wanders off. He sometimes slacks off but works really hard when he doesn't.
clan: Serentea
Rank: Jounin
Village: Cloud
Bijuu/Jinchuuriki: None
Bio: When Raiken was around 2 years old his parents died in a mission to protect the village. He doesn't remember anything about them but the village had found a picture of them and gave it to him. When he was 10 one of his friends was said to be missing or dead. He now has a gem bracelet that he wears on his right hand to remember him. When he was 19 he became a Jounin he was the yougest person to become a Jounin at that time.