I'm back with him. It's great. He didn't talk with me until Friday, because I started the conversation. Oh well. I wrote those last two when I was in Bargaining (I capitalize it because I'm referring t the 5 Stages of Grief, which I back tracked to find out when I was in which stage, bargaining then.) But yea. I didn't act TOO desperate and make an idiot of myself...hopefully? I'm very negative aboots myself. But now we're going back out and I'm so happy. (listening to b-rad, as he said I should)I do a lot of things he tells me to do, but sometimes he's right. But He needs to realize my stomach is more fragile than his (and most people's) and when I'm not hungry I'm NOT HUNGRY. Eh, he has my best interests in mind. The only problem is that I can't get him to do anything, ANYTHING, like stop skipping class so he'll pass and not get in trouble with various people and make my mom think he's a bad influence. He's my boyfriend, he's supposed to be a bad influence. OH well. This week we have finals, and I'm doing fine except in orchestra, where I had to cram and still sucked. Does it matter whether or not I know what is called, so long as I know what to do when I see it? She tells us what everything means even if we see it in almost every piece. I have swimming tomorrow, I have to swim for 12 min straight, but that's better than running for 25 like kids who have gym this semester do. And German, which is SO easy. Then we don't do anything in English, but I have some Hw which needs to be done like a week ago but is due tomorrow. No english finals because I'm in honors. Heheheh. 1 hour lunch, and we get out at 1:30. HA. Then tomorrow we get out at 12:10, and I'm hoping for my bf to not be grounded. Watch movies at his place !! (???) So yea. That's where my life is at this time.