So many ppl slowly stopped using gaia, im one of them. I make my random returns at times, and now im writting my first journal in 3 years. I dont get why I really decided to do these, its not like anyone really cares to read them or anything; ehh I guess I just like writting.

My last journal was about my cat Kiddy, I must say now that Kiddy disappeared a while ago and hasnt been seen since. Im completely petless now but im still bugging my parents to get me some type of pet.

I had a journal where i was so exited about my Watermeat. He now sits with my group of water related stuffed animals. My Squishable narwhal, Blake, has taken Watermeat's spot. I love Blake very much. I got him a month or so ago.

During the time of not revolving my life around zutara and Gaia; Ive been in highschool and stuff, gotten on Facebook all the time, went vegetarian, gotten a boyfriend, and went though a difficult time with my dad getting injured in a car accident. I got many friends in highschool, but somehow started fading away from them when I got my boyfriend, which is very sad cuz friends are great to have xp. My boyfriends awesome though and i love him a lot. The car accident injury will forever affect my dad so that completely sucks.

There was a journal entry where i talked about not being girly and stuff like that. Yeah, im prettyy girly now. Its funny that when you really start caring about looking pretty and stuff, you actually start looking pretty! whoaaa! lol. Becomming vegetarian helped me lose weight, im so very happy I woke up with the initiative to do that one day. Working out a little and not eating as bad also is a reason im prettier now. Girly things i now do: whine a lot, hate getting dirty, think about calories, dressing cute, really liking shoes, not only painting my nails black, watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, ect. And i love taking pics of myself more now compared to then.

Wow, kind of turned out longer than expected and i can still go on, well I guess a sort of overview of the last 3 years of your life is going to be long. I liked doing this though. Maybe i'll do this more often.