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Oh lookie the wonderful artz!~

Shota Haru
Community Member
Username: Shota Haru
Watashi no namae wa: Sasame Ricci
Watashi wa 18 sai desu.
Band: Kireinu
Position: Lead
Personality: A 'tamed beast' as some would say. By day Sasame is stern and quiet, whose aura beams that of leadership. He rarely smiles, and has about as much passion and emotion as a pole. It must be this outward appearance, however, that draws his fans to him, for he nearly always has both women and men who swarm him. He really brings himself to be an 'untouchable', and does have a childish side to him that never likes to lose. Sasame though changes when darkness swells, and his band members realize to stay away from him at these times. To say it in a nice way...he'll jump anyone who comes into his grasp at night. He's just simply never satisfied in a sexual way. The only pieces of the day which Sasame shows emotion is on stage singing, when he pours all of his passion into each and every song. Most are awe-stricken by the power and sensational feeling they get when he sings.
Bio: Sasame was born an only child, the son of a successful businessman. Truth be told, he was a spoiled little feminine boy, who grew bored extremely easily. That was...until his parents decided to take in a boy around the same age as he, due to the fact that the boy's parents passed away. Sasame enjoyed the boy's company and being cared for by him, since his own parents were too busy to really pay attention to him. Though you could say he got a bit carried away with his power over the boy, and ordered him around a bit more than he should have. Either way, Sasame eventually only enjoyed himself around the boy, and even though he'd never admit it, he became friends with the other. He was, however, oblivious to any feelings the boy had for him. Around him Sasame was lazy, though those were the times when he was the happiest. So why did he leave? It was tragic that the boy just up and left one day. His 'toy' was taken from him by musical means. Frankly, Sasame still considers that the male had abandoned him, left him in the dust. It was in these years after he left Sasame's mother passed away, and his father became even more consumed in work. Sasame only turned to music out of boredom, and would have never guessed to see his companion from so long ago in America.
Appearance: User Image
Seme/Uke/Both?: Seme
Anything else?: Sasame's signature item is the Blue Rose.


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