It might be a beautiful day and it’s a beautiful sun rise but there’s no way im ready to see you smile with any other guys you might have thought you saw lies every time you looked in my eyes but im telling you that even though I made you cry im not ready to see you with another guy it’s a beautiful day to day but things like this can take it away you were the only part of me that I could ever see I cant erase the things I say I know I did something to spark a flame somthin I said something I did? And now.. It hurts to see your face it hurts to see you cry it hurts to see the look in your eyes wish I was the one to take away your pain my feelings are just the same and I cant stand to see you cry. Or with another guy. Cause it’s a beautiful it’s a beautiful sun rise and I don’t want to say goodbye…………. SHE GOT OVER ME :/