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Fitting in The life of a teenager lost in a high-school world of friends and enemies, haters and likers, internal and external conflicts, memories that never seem to go away and those that are transient, suicidal thoughts, trust and skepticism, lies and truth,

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Drowning my Sorrow... in Ouran Host Club!
I've been drowning myself in Anime, especially one: Ouran Host Club in Japanese because Anime in English other than Pokemon kind of =s fail.

Not paying attention to anything else. Lalalalalalala...

I just watch and do my homework at the same time and it's awesome.

If I could be one of the characters I would most definitely be... hmm... I can't decide... It's really hard... I kind of want to be all of them in their own unique way O_o...

Like, I want to be a lawyer and Haruhi also wants to be a lawyer and I admire her for being such a studious student and still having time for the host club.

I really like helping people and like Tamaki, I wish to help others in their problems.

I really like cakes... although I never eat them that much... Honey-Senpai gets to eat so many though...... *cries* I bet if I was his friend I could eat cake with him.

Mori-Senpai is so stoic, so unyielding in his emotions... I wish I could be like that also.

Kyouya... he's the only one who looks somewhat Asian O_o... Not that I want to be Asian... but he is really awesome in his business skills... I''ve heard that when he hosts in the manga he's really professional but that hasn't happened in the Anime...

The twins... I used to have a twin but he was a still birth (or born?). I wish he was alive... I'm so bored and a twin would be somewhat awesome... They show homosexual tendencies which I think is like incest (which is even said by a little girl in it) and it is interesting that they use this to get the girls to be in like OMG LOVE STATE TIME *FAINTS* OMG IT'S OVERWHELMING *FAINTS* mode.

I've watched it like 4 times now... It never gets old.

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