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Pull up a chair... I have lots of stories to tell.

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TTC - Chapter 3
Claimer - Yes, this is MINE. I though it up. I am writing it. So no stealing... Thank you.

There was light, foggy light that had surrounded her. She was floating in it with Ethan. Both of them were bare and glowing and always out of reach. Touching was a no-no in this place… At least that’s what she guessed when their fingers almost touched and Ethan disappeared in a burst of light. She lingered behind hoping for him to return the same way he left.

He never did.

A familiar voice called out to her, “Who are you?”

Faith twisted around in the foggy air looking for the source. Her mouth opened to reply but quickly snapped shut. She didn’t know who had her voice but this had to be a dream. She didn’t have to answer. When the voice asked the question again, Faith gave into her first impulse, “The name’s Faith Morning Star Coogan. And you are?”

“I am Faithful Snow, daughter of Sunbeam and White Wolf, Shaman of Anga,” the voice replied stoically. Shaman Faith added in a hostile tone, “How did you get into my body? Did Vlackmar send you? None of his games will work. I can banish you…”

“Whoa, there lady!” Faith waved her hands defensively. “I don’t know who this Vlackmar person is and I don’t know how I got here but I’d like out! Can you send me where ever you sent Ethan?”

There was silence. Faith thought her mind might have been playing tricks with her when Faithful Snow said, “Your heart is sincere. You have wondered here by accident.” There was another pause before she added, “Or perhaps it’s…”

The foggy world with which Faith floated in vanished without warning. She could feel her body being shaken by strong hands gripping her shoulders. Swinging wildly, Faith’s fist connected with something hard which caused the gripping at her shoulders to suddenly end. Faith fell onto something soft and cushioned. Laughter rang from everywhere as she sat up rubbing her eyes. Her body felt groggy and stiff as if not used in a while.

“She got you good, huh, Snow Bunny?” A tall, beautiful lady with a golden tan and long jet black hair in two braids laughed again. She was dressed in strips of pastel fabrics that were strategically draped over her body. Faith didn’t know if she should consider her an elf or an American Indian. The woman quickly sobered as best as she could when she noticed Faith eyeing her. “Good morning, Blessed Shaman.”

“Good morning, Blessed Shaman,” a man grumbled at Faith’s side. He was a handsome young man with reddish brown skin, long flowing jet black hair and the most stunning blue eyes Faith had ever seen. He rubbed his jaw, “Nice left hook. I’m gonna have to remember that.”

“The woman’s name is Swan. She is my bodyguard. Snow Bunny is my…” Faithful Snow’s voice echoed softly in Faith’s head. However, Faith was determined it originated somewhere outside her head. “What are you doing? Quit looking around. I am not outside of you… I don’t think I am.”

“Then where are you?” Faith ignored the puzzled looks from Swan and Snow Bunny. “What’s going on?”

“Enough!” Faith physically cringed at Faithful Snow’s booming voice. “We don’t have much time. We must prepare for the morning prayers. There will be time to talk when that is finished. Understood?”

Faith understood but was still frightened. As she glanced at Swan and Snow Bunny, who were waiting patiently for an explanation to her outburst, Faith’s hand held the moon medallion tightly. Her heart silently wished for Ethan.

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