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my alram clock goes off its 7:00am and i dont feel like geting up.so i take a few extra minuts untill i relize its 7:30.i moan and groan as i get out of bed i sit at the table and see my big bro and sis come out of the room."goodmorning little sis"she sas with here big blue eyes stairing at me she had long black hair and lipstick her name was shine yet she was as dark as the sky i never knew why that was.big brother went strate in the shower without saying a word and headed strate out the door befor he left sis gave him his luck and gave him a kiss on the cheek.my brother had long white hair sometimes i just want to cut if off and giggel about it but one thing i never want to do is make him mad before he left it looked like he was in a nurry,corce i didnt know why he was a quiet type but sweet at heart.sis comes over to me leening over my sholder and looks down at me."hay thair little sis u geting enouf of your vitimins"she said"yes" i said"why do you ask?" o just wondering ever since i can remember u been alittle small around the chest area^^"she said with a happy expresson"i look at her happy yet pist off at the same time having a red mark on my head"thanks sis"i say with sarcasim"here drink this"i ask her what is it and she says it has vitimins to help my tweeti birds grow.i stair at if for a while with a drop down my head and dont take it but with a smile later im out the door...
soon im out the door as im half way walking to school in the foggy grey sky i see something floating up ahead looking like a flying creture i dont know why but it was roaring like something had just apeared soon im at school and all the girls are gosiping over the new teacher were geting today not really having a care in the world
i still stair out the window looking at the flying thing i saw in the sky earler soon i here foot steps comingfrom down the hallway little did i know it was going to be my big brother shadoshen"hellow everyone glad to be here"he said with a smile i bolt my head to the front reconising his voice",w-w-w-www-what are you doing here big brother!!",he chuckes looking at me"im your teacher silly what do u think",my teacher!!,!"i say droping my mouth,"yep being here all year plus it gives me a good chance to boss u around a bit," he says smiling"hooo u r so gana get it",i said having a red mark on my head,"all right class my name is shadoshen nice to meat u all",he said with a smile.
i didnt know how to respond having my owne brother as a teacher the who class peroid i sat thair stairing at the black sky wondering and making my head ponder.soon school was over and i was seeing my teacher... or my brother really after school.we walked home i saw him up ahead and gave him a takkle.",hay big bro,"i said with a smile,"hay thair little sis can i ask you something?",shure," i said with a confused face",have u been seeing things latly anything that you dont normaly see,"i look at him as my eyes widen",yes atually i have i saw this big thing floating in the sky earler this morning,",.soon we get home and i sit on the couch",ill be right back im going to get something out of the gerage its a present i want to give ya,"really!"i said"yep be right back"as i waited on the couch my brother came out with a box but for some reson i felt the same ora in that box like the thing i saw flying in the sky on my way to school.
brother sits the box on the floor and it moves"w-whats in that box brother!!!!!!!!!"i said"its your-"aaaaaaaaaaaa man feels good to get out of thair"the small dragon said"its your dragon"brother continued"shes your partner im gana, teach u about borozen"borozen???whats that!"u should know i never told u till now it seem your powers have been unfolding but in verry small parts about every 1 million years a child is born but when his or her emotions get the bast of him or her owne body creatures start to apear in the form of thair emotion soon all over the world people started to have these strange powers soon our ansesters were banished from from citys to towns to small vileges soon thair was a pack of us perfecting our abilities soon our people had a place of thair owne untill other people wanted the turf because thair was gold under it millions of us were killed and no one survived the war went on for ages never even ending one night but it was said out of all the emotion like monkey and bird something in the sky came forth and ended the war with out killing a single soul more it was said because of its sacrifice it would reapear in the nexy generations body thats why u been seeing things floating in the sky"he said as he looks at me he sees me fast asleep he gets a red mark on his head and punches me as i see stars with a big bump on my head"ooooooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!!"did u even here meee little sis"ooowww yea yea yea i herd ya did you have to punch me so hard!!"to wake your onery but up yes" he says with a drop going down his head:well i herd you but whats with the flying toy u gave me??"i ask"flying to child im am no such thing i am one of the last remainign dragon the dragon or happyness you can call me kind"!!!!!!it says with a smile and bright colors coming from behind it"again whats witht the floating toy"i said"im not a toy u human i am a dragon and i am to be fallowing u everywair understood"im silent for a few seconds"do u mean in the bathroom to" big drops come from both my brothers and dragons head"she needs lots of training"my brother said"i see"the dragon said"

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  • [10/05/10 05:13am]
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