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war what is war to some people war is a fight for power within people
war is a consuming darkness the evil take over war is like a warrior
a warrior that shows no mercy to it prey becuase in war no one ever win it,s a continueing blaze of fire that burns city and building but in the army of thousands does not pays close attention there army and
there world can disappear in a blink of an eye but some time maybe sometime's there's a twist of fate for all becuase some army's have a hero a warrior that decides there enemy's mercy and now we shall see
if that twist of fate happans the locust qween said as her voice dims out sargeant marcus fenix general hoffman said yes marcus said we need you to get inside now defend the gears hospital hoffman said dom
come on we need to go now marcus said ok dom said sounding calm
they rush to the hospital entrances drones! a carmine a yelled a bullets
bursted in the air take cover marcus said sargeant fenix i repeat sargent
marcus fenix this is control a voice in the com this is delta control do you copy marcus said yes what is you pisition the voice said dom was try to hold off as many drone as he could were i the main hospital entrance surounded marcus said is support need the voice said
the glass of the hospitals roof had shattered yes control support is need need a raven unit now! marcus said sounding frustrated
frag out a carmine said blood of the locust was every were delay that raven control marcus said ok delta we need you out of the hospital to get on the road were being sluaghter out there delta the voice said
affirmative control delta out marcus said dom we need to ge out of here
marcus said as he was kicking the door try to open it jack! dom yelled
jack appeared in the blink of an eye jack rip this door open dom said
jack started opening the door in seconds

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